By: Development Management Engineers  09-12-2011
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The land development engineering, planning and management services are outlined below.  But first, we have listed examples of some of the recent project cost savings we have achieved.

Examples of past actions taken to achieve overall project cost savings

  • Successfully appealed permitting agency requirement for street dedication and frontage improvements by providing evidence of an exemption obtained through historic records research.  Savings: $48K
  • Successfully appealed agency determination that additional facilities which were not included in the approved plans would be required for a completed storm water detention vault.  Savings $24K.
  • Negotiated with City to accept dedication of additional ROW in lieu of a parks impact fee.  Saved $68K.
  • When a project was transfered to a different jurisdiction, was successful in revising a designed road regrade project which addressed sight distance issues to a more appropriate profile based on actual site conditions.  Savings $100K.
  • Convinced an agency to accept ownership and O&M responsibility for an on-site stormwater system and detention vault when it was their policy to leave it as a Homeowner's Association responsibility.  Reduced HOA fees for future homeowners making home sales more attractive.
  • Convinced agency to accept ownership of an on-site sanitary sewer system including a side sewer serving an adjacent property.  Removed as an HOA responsibility and reduced future fees. 
  • Convinced agency planning department that it would be inappropriate to require the installation of building foundations prior to recording a fee simple plat.    Savings are significant for this 14-lot development.
  • Convinced agency to drop the need to form an HOA for the sole purpose of paying service charges for 3 street lights.
  • Assisted legal council in successfully appealing Hearing Examiner’s decision to deny preliminary plat approval.  Approved 20-lot residential development.
  • Obtained agency engineering approval to eliminate sewer main extension along frontage by providing evidence that adjacent properties are adequately served.  Savings: $17K.
  • On a short plat where a wetland separated developable lots, proposed buffer enhancement and a stormwater infiltration system, in lieu of a detention facility to increase development from 5 to 6 lots.  Estimated increased value of project by $52K.
  • Minimized total development costs by working with contractors on constructibility and cost reviews during design review phase.  This activity typically includes assisting in identifying design revisions on cast-in-place detention vaults, resulting in typical cost savings of $10K, plus an additional 15% cost savings when the vault construction is contracted separately from the general contractor. 
  • Additional cost savings are realized during the design review phase by identifying efficiencies in utility routing in relation to lot layout which results in reduction in piping/conduit lengths and quantity of appurtenances as well as eliminating need for relocating services during the building construction phase. 

Land Development Engineering and Planning Services

Project Development 
·     Project assessment (Due diligence assessment)
·      Concept Plan Development
·       Assistance in consultant selection
·       Presubmittal Application and Meeting
·       Project Schedule and Cost Estimate

Preliminary Plat Process

  • Applicant Contact/Representative
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Review of Reports and plans prior to submittal
  • Presentations at hearings and council meetings.
  • Coordination with legal advisers

    Design Approval  
    ·     Design review and consultant coordination
    ·      Document submittal coordination
    ·       Review comments coordination
    ·       Summary of fees and bondsConstruction Phase 
    ·     Preparation of Bid Documents
    ·      Bid Tabulation and award recommendations
    ·       Assist in contract development
    ·       Construction Engineering Services 

    Final Plat Process

  • Review and coordination of consultant submittal
  • Review of notes, conditions, restrictions and easements
  • Preparation of draft CC&R’s 
  • Summary of fees and bonds

    Building Development

  • Coordination with Architect and Site Plan layout
  • Coordination of permit applications
  • Trouble shouting permit and inspection issues.
  • The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

    Keywords: Coordination, land development

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