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By: Developit  09-12-2011

mDock is the fastest and most versatile JavaScript & CSS Dock for websites. It is a fully-featured OS X inspired dock that can be used as a menu. Whether you require a simple navigation system for your website, or an extremely complex object-based, plugin-capable dock for your advanced projects. mDock3 is the first purchasable version of mDock, and has a much more robust library of functionality:

  • Extremely fluid motion, optimized for all browsers and Operating Systems
  • 100% dynamic theme support across all modern browsers
  • Plugin interface for complete customization capabilities
  • More effects! Upgraded & optimized effects!
  • Complete objectivity, simplified public interface

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developIT: Websites and Web Apps - Services

Above all, when you contract developIT to create a new RIA for your organization, you can be sure that only the most dependable technology and practices are used to create the final product. It is our goal to prove to you that the need for any desktop application can be eliminated with a cheaper and more accessible RIA. Full - Basic SEO and highly recommended code standardization and updating in one package.


developIT: Websites and Web Apps - Products

We stress that our customers fully understand the difference between our system and other commercial Content Management Systems. SimpleQuick is developIT's "Little Content Management System that could". Serverfront is a remote Operating System GUI for PHP enabled web servers. You will find yourself using it for all of your web development.