Detaya - Software Solutions

By: Detaya  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software Development

Detaya believes in the art and science of software development.

  • We Understand

    Detaya works with our clients to understand their issues and concerns. Using mock-ups, prototypes and simulations, we want our clients to be comfortable with our technology proposals and feel for themselves how our solutions will fit into their world.

  • We Collaborate

    Detaya crafts software in pieces using a building block approach so our clients can quickly have working code to play with. Their feedback goes back into the work cycle, refining existing components and influencing the next round of building blocks for further testing. Iterative, incremental agile development, with our clients always plugged in the loop.

  • We Deliver

    New software doesn't run in a business vacuum; instead there are existing systems to integrate, older systems to phase out, information assets to protect, end users to train, there's performance analysis and tuning, security considerations, contingency planning, and on. Our applications are full spectrum business solutions.

  • Keywords: Software Development