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By: Destinationskin  09-12-2011

Early stages of rosacea are often described as being prone to flushing and blushing. Clients who suffer from any redness in the skin such as broken veins or capillaries may suffer from this condition but may not realise that there is any treatment for it. At DestinationSkin we have a range of treatments and products available to treat rosacea and to maintain these results through home use products.

Symptoms may include redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead, with small visible blood vessels on the face. Sufferers may also suffer from bumps or pimples on the face and may have watery or irritated eyes.

To reduce the appearance of these symptoms at DestinationSkin we have a selection of advanced products which can help. They can reduce the size and redness of thread veins and capillaries, and can brighten the skin to reduce overall redness. Products such as gentle cleansers, antioxidant serums and physical SPF protection can help to control inflammation, give protection against further free radical and environmental damage.

Active ingredients such as Vitamin K, Liquorice, Bearberry and Teprenone have a strengthening and sealing effect on the capillaries and veins to improve circulation while reducing swelling and redness that appears on the surface of the skin.


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