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Products « Destek Gas Springs

Lifting, Lowering, Moving


The “Lift” type is our most popular gas spring. A standard Lift type gas spring works on counterbalance basis, i.e. the extension force balances the weight to be lifted, positioned or lowered. They meet the highest worldwide standards for lifting, counter-balancing, lowering, tilting and damping lids and covers.
There are thousands of applications where the Lift type can be used. The most known are on the car hatchbacks and engine hoods, on furniture, machinery, etc. A wide range of size options are available covering rod diameters from 3 mm to 30 mm, tube diameters from 8 mm to 70 mm and extension force (F1-N) from 10N to 10,000N allowing you to have your own individual Gas Spring.

Inoxlift – our stainless steel gas spring line

Where corrosion resistance is paramount, DESTEK supplies you with lift, Stoplift and GT-Lift type gas springs in SAE304 or in SAE316L material to ensure a high level protection against corrosive environments. Inoxlift line gas springs are produced for external applications wherever harsh conditions or environment are a concern. The Inoxlift line is commonly found on applications where a high level cleanliness and hygiene is necessary. Most common applications are in the marine/ship building, on medical equipment, chemical and food industries.

GT-Lift ( Gas Traction Lift)

The working principle of the GT-Lift is the opposite of the Lift type gas spring. While the Lift type gas spring is always prepared to extend (i.e. to open lid and covers) the GT-Lift’s function is to compress itself. Common applications of our GT-Lift gas springs are garage doors, exhaust systems, machinery, etc.


“Stoplift” type gas springs have a special internal structure enabling the gas spring variable positioning on the application. Without effort, Stoplift gas springs adjust weight-bearing surfaces that need to be set precisely in any position, at any angle and at any distance. The Stoplift is manufactured with an extension force so that it can only be extended/or pushed-in when an additional external force is applied. If the external load is smaller than the compression force of the Stoplift, the application remains in its position. Common applications for Stoplifts are sunbeds (solarium), monitor arms, delicatessen counters, retail refrigerators, etc.


“Step-Stop” is a multi-section operating gas spring dividing the opening stroke into multi distinct sections for desired flap positioning. Grooves inside the tube allow the Step-Stop gas spring to stop at various angles depending on how many stop points are required.


“LKD” type gas springs for heavy duty applications requiring lifting forces from 740 kg to 5000 kg. The LKD is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications in the machinery industry.

“Lifting” and “Adjusting”


In comparison to our “Lift” type gas spring the added feature of the Blocklift is an internal locking mechanism, which allows the gas spring to be locked at any desired position. This locking mechanism is activated by operating the “release pin”, located either at the end of the piston rod or on the tube end. While the release pin is pressed, the locking function is released and the Blocklift works like a normal gas spring on counterbalance basis. Now, the piston rod can extend or can be pushed in as force is applied to the system. As soon as the pressure on the release pin is taken off, the locking mechanism locks immediately causing the Blocklift to stay in that position.

Common applications of Blocklifts are:

  • Back rest adjustment of passenger seats on buses, train seats and office chairs
  • Various adjustments on hospital beds and massage tables
  • Height adjustments on tables, desktop systems and school desks
  • Various adjustments on wheelchairs
  • Main Blocklift variants

Rigid Blocklift

If on the application the Blocklift must have a total rigidness in locked position, our Blocklift with rigid blocking feature will provide a firm and reliable positioning adjustment. Depending on the application available as “BL1-Rigid in extension” and “BL2-Rigid in compression”.

Spring Blocking (BL3)

The BL3 Blocklift is best suited if on the application some comfort is required even when the Blocklift is locked. The BL3 “Spring Blocking” Blocklift can be cushioned when it is locked.

Hydrostop (Rigid in extension and compression – BL4

Total rigidness in both, extension and compression, directions while the Blocklift is in locked position.

BL5 : M-Blocklift

The M-Blocklift (BL5) is specially designed for height adjustment (i.e. one column tables, desks, etc.) applications.

One way lockable Blocklifts

Thanks to the design of the new developed locking system, Blocklifts which can be locked only in one direction but work free in the opposite direction are available as “Rigid in extension – Not lockable in compression (BL6)” and “Rigid in compression– Not lockable in extension (BL7)” .

BL8 : GT-Blocklift (Gas Traction Blocklift)

While a standard Blocklift is always prepared to extend (i.e. to open itself ) the GT-Blocklift is manufactured to close itself.


The majority Blocklift type gas springs are available in stainless steel.

T-Blocklift line

Blocklifts with the release pin located at the tube end. The T-Blocklift line is available as “Rigid in compression” and “Spring Blocking”.


The Burolift is for usage on swivel chairs for either height or for position adjustments.

“Safety” and “Comfort”

Shock Absorbers

Whereas gas springs, i.e. Lift, Blocklift or Stoplift types, apply a controlled force, shock absorbers control an external force. In other words, shock absorbers are force absorbing while gas springs are force-supplying. DESTEK Shock Absorbers can be used to prevent sudden shock or impacts, to limit an object to a controlled speed and to influence the nature of movements and vibrations.

Product range:

  • The damping characteristics of the shock absorbers can be set linear, progressive or degressive to optimally match the particular application.
  • With and without extension force
  • With and without idle stroke
  • With damping forces in one direction or in both directions
  • Adjustable shock absorbers
  • For position independent or position dependent installation


  • Various applications in vehicle industry for steering damping, engine vibration damping, belt tensioning damping on engines, glove compartments, etc.
  • Damping of oscillation and vibration for comfort on truck cabins (with air springs)
  • Damping on driver seats in commercial vehicles
  • On household products such as washing machines
  • Special shock absorbers for bicycles
  • On light commercial vehicles; i.e. forklifts, lawn movers
  • On medical equipments such as wheelchairs

Gas springs in vehicle applications

Gas springs are widely used in the vehicle industry. This line is one of our core business line in which we offer one of the widest product range worldwide. At DESTEK you will not only find the standard gas spring for a tailgate hood or engine bonnet, but will also be able to cover your needs of special bracketed gas springs (as it is almost found on all far eastern cars), shock absorbers for belt tensioning, belt tensioners, engine vibration damping and steering damping as well as gas springs with other special features. We are proud of offering you one of the widest range of gas springs used in:

  • American cars
  • European Cars
  • Far Eastern cars
  • Commercial vehicles; Buses, Trucks, Loaders, Forklifts, Tractors, Coaches, etc.

Hydraulic Lift

Comfortable height adjustment by usage of a pedal (jack). Available for vertical and horizontal installations on platforms, tables, hospital beds, hairdresser chairs, etc.

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