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By: Designeworks  09-12-2011

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It’s always the shoemaker who hasn’t got any nice shoes of his own, isn’t it? My old website was proof of that. It was the first website I’d ever built and was starting to look a little ragged! Thankfully, I’ve had a few quieter moments this spring to put together a new, cleaner site to display portfolio work and also giving me a chance to add this here blog.

I plan to keep this updated with inspiring bits + bobs, posting links to the things that strike me as interesting, unique, must-have info for clients and fellow designers alike.

Thanks for being here, and come by often! xo

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Whether you are seeking a small promotional piece, as simple as a new business card, or an entire portfolio to represent your company, I can assemble it with your vision in mind. A good designer takes your ideas and turns them into something tangible. I can pull together an attractive & appropriate body of work. Good design is always a collaboration.


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Well thought out plans provide a fully functional space that can evolve with you. For a full portfolio, I’ll be happy to meet with you in person. To organize space is to give it purpose.