Products | Protecderm, self-applicable moisturizing system

By: Dermotex  09-12-2011

Protecderm, lasting microtextilized hydration

Containing an exclusive combination of top-quality natural ingredients, the moisturizing Protecderm formula is specially adapted to skin that is susceptible to dryness.

The powerful hydration of shea butter and vitamin E are used in many products, though never before with such convincing results. These active ingredients, in high concentrations, combine with the efficient delivery of Dermotex microparticles to reliably regenerate the skin’s natural protection barrier. When protected by this complete therapy, the skin will require only the regular wear of the treated fabric to maintain its benefits.

Consumers are unanimous – the microtextilized hydration of Protecderm should be available for the whole body: feet, elbows, knees, hair, legs, arms, etc. It’s up to you to create the products! Partnered with specialized fabrics tailored to mould to the body without impeding movement, the first dermatextile opens the way to new markets. Be one of the first to create microtextilized care.

Take the opportunity to develop the next Protecderm product yourself, and create a brand guaranteed to deliver limitless commercial success!