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By: Dermer Consulting  09-12-2011
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Executive Search / Executive Placement

When you have a high-level leadership position open, getting the perfect candidate to fill it is everything.

At Dermer Consulting, we understand just how crucial finding the right person is. That's why we reverse the typical "executive search" process - we find candidates for jobs, not jobs for candidates.

We work as an extension of your company - we'll first research your needs, your corporate culture, and your ideal candidate profile. Then we utilize our expertise and vast network of contacts to find and present you with an ideal match - one that fits seamlessly with your company, and will contribute to your growth for years to come.

In addition, Dermer Consulting remains extremely up-to-date in terms of modern corporate mores, changing workplaces and culture, and technological advances. We consider staying current as a vital component of our "Fit Your Corporate Culture" methodology, and feel this helps us stand out even more.

The Dermer Difference: The Right Executive - in the Right Company.

Quick point - notice something about the above..

We didn't say "The right executive in the right position" (like many would expect an executive search firm to say). Instead, we said "in the right company."

And in a nutshell, that's what sets us apart. At Dermer Consulting, we don't simply fill top-level executive positions. We instead match the rightpeople to the rightcompanies, and make sure that qualifications and personality both are a perfect fit. It makes a difference, especially in the global business environment that defines modern corporations.

In the end, we take our commitment to you - our client - very seriously. We have excellent, verifiable references, available upon request; we do not work on commission; and we also guarantee our results. If you are serious about finding a top flight candidate, call Dermer Consulting today at 514.927.4089

Career Mentoring and Consulting

As an experienced and successful corporate executive, Lori Dermer also acts as a mentor to a select group of business professionals, both experienced and recently graduated (MBA level).

Professional executives utilize Lori's experience and business savvy to help guide them through the challenges that a corporate leadership career entails.

For example:

  • An executive gets promoted, and goes from managing a 50k budget to a 5mm one. Now what?
  • Amidst two straight shaky financial quarters, an executive is offered a lesser (yet safer) position at a competitor. But staying put could yield greater rewards if things turn around (and they might).. what to do?
  • A sensitive performance review of a key underling is coming up. Tact is of the utmost importance, as this person clearly has a bright future, but also needs some gentle guidance. How to handle this?

The difference between mentoring and coaching..

Lori is not a career coach (that would imply that she would coach anyone who wants it.) Instead, Lori works closely with those she mentors. Thus, only a select few are chosen.

Job Search Advising

A new job search can be a very lonely experience. Most headhunters work on commission and rely on volume, meaning they need to move from placement to placement and candidate to candidate, quickly. Who is going to look out for you? At Dermer Consulting, we will act as your advisor and the ones who are there for you throughout your search.
We will:

  • proactively keep you up to date on the market
  • make sure your CV reflects who you are and what you offer
  • review your cover letters
  • prepare you for your interviews
  • talk through the pros/cons of a potential opportunity
  • coach you on answering the tough questions

How would this differ from working with a headhunter? You will almost certainly end up working with the headhunter that is doing the placement on your new position. However, you will likely be working with several headhunters during the course of your search, and ultimately nobody is taking the lead. You have to take the lead. This is fine if you are comfortable doing it, but most prefer to have an experienced advisor by their side.

Keywords: Career Mentoring, Corporate Culture, Executive Placement, job search, Mentoring

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