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By: Denise Rincon  09-12-2011


Clean Start

Products for teens,
dermalogica style.

Introducing Clean Start..
Skin care issues first arise as you enter your teen years, and Clean Start is your exclusive system for taking on these skin issues, while developing good habits of skin care that will last a lifetime.

Clean Start was researched and developed by the skin health experts at Dermalogica. This means your Clean Start products are backed by over 25 years of skin health results, are held to the same standard, and backed by the same research as Dermalogica products. Clean Start products are free of artificial fragrance or colors, mineral oil, S.D. alcohol, comedogenic and allergy-causing ingredients.

How it Works:
Clean Start is a brand designed exclusively for teens, rather than a system customized to specific skin conditions such as aging, sensitivity, or oily-prone. The eight, dual-action products help get skin clean, take on issues, and protect skin to help bring it into balance.