Andros South

By: Deneki  09-12-2011

If you’re planning a bonefishing trip, we think that it’s really important that, no matter what, you book the cheapest trip you can find.  Don’t worry about reputation or logistics or the quality of the fishery or competition on the water or experience of the guides or any of that stuff.  Just book the cheapest [..]

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Bruce Chard teaches bonefishing schools at Andros South – but even though he’s a master bonefish angler, he always takes some time to throw flies at South Andros Island’s incredible population of barracudas. When Bruce has ‘cudas on the brain, this is the rig that he reaches for.


Guest Posts

Your fearless editor said to Bruce Chard, Permit Whisperer, the other day, “Hey Bruce, we should do a post on the difference between presenting flies to bonefish and presenting flies to permit.. We’re starting a little series of posts today on presenting flies to permit. 45 minutes later the graduate level lecture.


Chile West

Trevor’s in the middle of prime-time fishing in Chile right now, but he was still kind enough to send in a great post on our favorite bug from Southern Chile, the famous Cantaria beetle. Trevor Covich, as you may know, guides at Alaska West and Chile West.


BC West

Pictured above is Scott Baker-McGarva, head guide at BC West, at his desk, pondering corporate objectives, strategic synergies, etc. More on BC West Introduction to BC West BC West in Fly Rod & Reel Chinook Flies for the Dean.



We get a lot of fish in condition similar to the one Tom Larimer and Scott Baker-McGarva encountered in the photo above – chrome as can be. The farthest point that we fish from salt water is 5 miles. Yeah, we’re a little snobby about chrome steelhead.