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By: Delivra  09-12-2011


This is where the relationship part comes in because we love to provide service. At Delivra, we portray an intense customer focus and, ultimately, define success by the quality of relationship we have with each customer. We're here to provide a full range of services to you and to answer all of your questions.

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Email Marketing Software and Services | Delivra - account management

It's quite possible that after you have your initial Delivra training and a few mailings under your belt that you won't need much support. How often will you need your account manager.


Email Marketing Software and Services | Delivra - deliverability

The Internet Protocol address is a numerical identification given to members of a computer network so they can communicate across the Internet. Senders with small mailing lists or irregular sending frequency may benefit more by sharing an IP with other Delivra customers. By not having to share an IP address with others on the server, we again decrease your chances of being seen as spam. What if you could ensure deliverability success.


Email Marketing Software and Services | Delivra - data security

Physical access to your data is strictly controlled with 24-hour-monitored video surveillance, biometrics, and multiple security checkpoints in an environmentally controlled and monitored facility. Our world-class monitoring system continually scans in real time looking for unauthorized access attempts and unusual network activity. Background checks are performed on all personnel in critical infrastructure positions at Delivra.


Self-Guided Tour | Delivra - We Know Email

From this screen you can copy members to other lists; lookup members from this list or from all your lists; and view a member’s history. Your member list is a powerful resource - we’ll help you tap into it. Manage your lists individually with quick access to the entire group. Targeted marketing efforts all start with your member lists.