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By: Dei Fratelli  09-12-2011
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Customers Come in Many Forms

Consumers are the heart of every Dei Fratelli and Hirzel Canning product. But there’s another group of professionals that our entire organization considers our partners. To us, retailers, retail distributors, restaurant owner, foodservice distributors, the U.S. Government and more .. They’re all important partners in our success.

In totality, Hirzel's customer base consists of retailers, wholesalers, retail distributors, foodservice distributors, the U.S. Government and re-manufacturers. However, in general, our business is divided into four major segments:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Foodservice
  • Industrial

All of the tomato growers that provide raw product to Hirzel Canning Company, despite the segment, are located within 25 miles of the nearest processing facility. The growers' close proximity to processing plants ensures that the raw product is of the highest quality when it arrives at the manufacturing plants. Nearly all of the tomatoes are processed within 6 to 10 hours of their harvest. This ensures that our products are the best and the freshest they can be. It also ensures that our partners can be proud to sell the Dei Fratelli brand.

Hirzel Canning Company documents many of the procedures occurring inside and outside of its processing plants. With an integrated greenhouse operation, the tomato transplant varieties and schedules can be controlled to ensure a well-planned planting schedule. The tomato transplant and grower records include grower field codes, grower lot codes and variety records. All chemical applications (spray records) are recorded in the grower field-code document, including the name of the licensed applicator. In addition to the spray records, Hirzel Canning Company has random samples of tomatoes tested (by a certified laboratory) just to assure that there are no pesticide or herbicide residues.

During the unloading process, the tomatoes are graded for wholeness, blemishes, foreign material and color. The quality must meet our minimum standards otherwise it cannot be accepted for processing. We also have over 20 years of experience in growing certified organic cabbage, corn, soybeans, wheat, rye and other grain crops. We pack Certified Organic sauerkraut that is sold under other customer labels. The committed Organic growing and processing experience has taught us the true meaning of All Natural tomato products that are fund under the Dei Fratelli brand.

Keywords: Canning Company, Tomato Products,