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By: Deepak Sareen Associates  09-12-2011
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In today's fast-paced world, many time billing packages either offer too many complicated features, or cost thousands of dollars just to get your firm up and running. Timeslips satisfies the requirement for a mid-level time billing application for a growing number of professional and service oriented firms.

Timeslips 2006 by Sage is the perfect time billing office tool for the small to midsize firm. With this version of Timeslips, you can track and bill for your daily time and expense charges, while having the added flexibility of practice management reporting, and the multiple flat fee billing options often required by midsize firms. Because Timeslips is specifically geared to the mid-level office, we make sure that the features we place into Timeslips are exactly what you're looking for. After all, most of our new features are the direct result of suggestions from our customers. If you're looking for hourly, flat fee, or contingent billing formats, Timeslips is for you. Do you need to track firm productivity, or the amount of time an employee has entered, on any given day, for a specific client or task? Timeslips offers you the flexibility you would expect from the best-selling time billing software available.

When it comes to billing, Timeslips can reproduce professional looking letterhead without spending a fortune on expensive graphic-style software, or pricey stationary. Because Timeslips is network-ready, and has an unlimited timekeeper capacity, your firm can grow, and still depend on Timeslips to meet your needs. Don't let another billable minute of your time slip away. Get Timeslips today!

Features include:

  • Additional billing arrangements, such as contingency and percent complete
  • Custom Client Fields
  • Two nickname fields for each user, client and activity
  • Database-wide search tool
  • Client Funds Accounts (trust accounts)
  • Client Projects
  • Bank Deposit Slips
  • Ability to create multiple databases
  • Budgeting
  • Practice management reporting
  • Phone Dialler
  • Overhead cost
  • Customisable menus
  • Now includes Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) for linking to your accounting software
  • Timekeeper Capacity 25,000
  • Client Capacity 25,000
  • Time Activity Capacity 25,000
  • Expense Activity Capacity 25,000
  • Rates per User, Client, Task 20
  • Included Reports 107
  • Number of Billing Arrangements 16
  • Number of Custom Client Fields 30
  • Length of Description per Slip 2,000 Character

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 with SP 1 or 2, or Windows 98 SE
  • IBM PC Compatible with 333MHz Pentium Processor, AMD or compatible processor, 800 MHz or higher compatible processor recommended
  • 128 MB of RAM; 256 MB or higher recommended
  • 240 MB free hard disk space for installation (excluding your database); 30-50 MB additional for database
  • CD-ROM Drive, 4X or higher recommended
  • 256-color VGA display 800 x 600 resolution, 1024 x 768 is recommended
  • IBM PC-compatible keyboard, mouse and printer
  • Network connectivity requires a network adapter appropriate to the type of network to which you are connecting. Highest quality network hardware is recommended
  • Outlook integration requires Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2002, or Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Microsoft Excel 2000, Microsoft Excel 2002, or Microsoft Excel 2003 required for using the Print to Excel feature
  • 14.4 KBps modem if using the dialling features within Timeslips, 56KBps or higher recommended
  • Sound card and speakers recommended
  • Internet connection required for using Timeslips web features, such as Timeslips eCenter, high-speed connection recommended
  • TSRemote: 35 MB additional hard disk space for installation (excluding database), 40 MB additional hard disk space for installation and 10 MB additional hard disk space for the database recommended

About Sage Software:
Sage Software, Inc., the publisher of TimeSheet, Carpe Diem and Timeslips develops industry-leading solutions that help organisations transform the way they manage their people, fixed assets, accounting and planning processes.

Sage is part of a global family of software companies that together deliver a variety of business management solutions to more than 2,000,000 customers worldwide.

Keywords: Accounting

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Sage is part of a global family of software companies that together deliver a variety of business management solutions to more than 2,000,000 customers worldwide.