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By: Declan Kerin  09-12-2011
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What is Search Engine Optimization? Let's be clear, first, about what it's not!

SEO is NOT all about paid search, metatags, keyword stuffing or link pop, and certainly NOT about games to trick search engines. SEO is, first and foremost, about delivering targeted high-value prospects to your website via natural search.

Natural or organic search is the true lifeblood of website success.
The statement above will be heresy to the ears of those SEO pundits who trumpet that paid search is the yellow brick road to website fame and fortune. They're entitled to their opinion. But so, too, are the vast majority of searchers who use the web the way searchers always have - typing their search terms into the search engine windows and selecting their destinations from the organic listings. Natural search works, and SEO's primary function is to ensure that it works for your site.

Professional SEO Best Practices serve organic search AND paid search
Properly performed by ethical professionals, SEO tunes every last component of your site to the high expectations of the search engines. It ensures that, when they crawl your site, the search spiders can access every page and index all content - and, by so doing, ensure you'll be found by those you want to find you.

It sounds simple. It isn't.
In the hands of the true experts, SEO is a skillset of many disciplines - architecture and design, linguistics, business savvy, marketing, technology and, above all, intimate knowledge of what the search engines and your searchers want from your site. In short, effective conversion-centric SEO is a complex, long-learned art that, bluntly, very few organizations possess in-house.

SEO is not a stand-alone magic pill.
SEO first took form around the start of the decade, and Hendy Media was among its earliest practitioners. We soon learned, however, that even the most painstaking site optimization was an incomplete solution without the integration of other strategies and best practices. Today, we recognize SEO as the essential foundation of all search marketing initiatives - the means of immunizing your site again changes in search engine algorithms and fad-of-the-moment enthusiasms.

SEO and paid search
There's no question that paid search is assuming greater importance in web marketing campaigns today. Equally true, SEO best practices serve paid search well, and we are expert in designing and managing PPC campaigns. However, searcher-prospects would still find your well-optimized site if all paid search disappeared tomorrow. They would find you by natural, organic search. And this suggests to us the further heretical view that paid search serves the search engines first, and serves searchers' needs second.

They're out there - in greater numbers than you know.

Your prospects. Consumers and b2b targets, in soaring numbers, adopting Web search as their prime conduit to suppliers, products and services. Search engines and directories are the tools they use. They want to find you - you want to be found. SEO best practices make it happen. Best-practices search engine optimization, as part of your overall web marketing initiatives, and as practiced by Hendy Media's highly experienced pros, will target, capture and deliver a vastly increased number of qualified prospects to your site, shorten your sales cycle, produce higher conversion rates, and do it all more cost-effectively than any other e-marketing strategies. If you have questions about any aspect of SEO, please, consider us an information resource and talk to Hendy Media.

Keywords: search engine, search engines

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