Path to Being Financially Fit

By: Debtcoach  09-12-2011
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The Debt Coach Canada team does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to helping Canadians improve their personal finances. Our experienced financial coaches want to understand your particular situation as much as possible so that they can explore the most viable, affordable and proven strategies to help you improve your finances. We will determine how we may tailor a solution best suited to your needs.

To learn how we can best help you first identify your particular situation..

Do you feel like you are on a financial treadmill?

Do you have too much debt and not enough monthly cash flow?

If your debt has started to rule your life – if you’re having difficulty affording your minimum credit card payments, creditors are frequently calling your home, or if you’re just at the point where you’re feeling overwhelmed – find out how we can help through our debt restructuring programs


Past challenges behind you? Now rebuild your credit score!

Have you had debt challenges in the past that brought down your credit score, making it difficult -if not impossible -to obtain the best interest rates and terms when applying for credit?  Find out how we can help you rebuild your credit rating and achieve your goals with our unique Future Fund credit rehabilitation program

Think of our debt elimination solution as a personal training session for your finances. The first step of this plan is to look at your complete financial picture – we examine your income coming in, expenses going out and all of your accumulated debt.

With that information in hand, we develop a month-to-month plan designed to eliminate all your debt. The plan can be easily followed online and you also have unlimited online access to your own personal debt coach for advice along the way. The Debt Elimination program can also be tailored to your specific needs. For example, if you need to meet over-the-phone periodically to make sure you’re on track and sticking to the plan, we’re here for you!

After your initial consultation with our team, we may discover that there just isn’t enough money coming in to pay off your existing debts. In this situation, we will exhaust all your options, devise a strategy best-suited to your needs and recommend an affordable solution that we can help you implement.

Our team has helped Canadians coast to coast successfully restructure their debts with viable solutions that are affordable and tailored to their cash flow. We will helpyou every step of the way as you move forward to resolve your current debt challenges. Once you’ve put your debts behind you we are here to guide and assist you with rebuilding your credit score and help you achieve your financial goals. 

The Debt Coach Canada team has created a unique rebuilding program designed for people who have put their past debt challenges behind them and are now focused on improving their credit profile and score. Our Future Fund program is an affordable solution specifically designed to help Canadians improve their credit profile while simultaneously assisting them to achieve their financial goals.

(1) re-establish your credit rating and improve your credit score(s); 

(2) receive unlimited online support from our experienced team of credit rehabilitation specialists. Optional coaching by phone is also available;

(3) access our exclusive Premium Membership resources for 2 years;

(4) while at the same time accumulate savings to put towards your goals – such as buying a home, contributing to an RESP for your children’s education or any other goal.


Keywords: credit card, Credit Rating