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By: Debsdazzlers  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cancer, Beads, Cancer Awareness

PRICES: $25.00 and up

The Wraps are very popular, as they cover so many areas of your body. This is a great savings in cost.

Best Results:

head.. wrap around your head when you have a headache

neck.. for neck, shoulder pain and relief for TMJ

wrist.. for tendonitiis, carpal tunnel, arthritis, joint pain in the hand /wrist area

knee.. wrap around for many discomforts

upper arm.. strains to bicep, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff

ankle.. poor circulation, knee to toe stress or injury

If you think a wrap is what you would like, please visit the gallery of beads to get an idea of what styles of beads I have. Contact me and I will create your custom magnetic hematite wrap for you. Minimum length starts at 21".

How to Use a Wrap:

1. To properly put a wrap on, hold it up by one end in front of you. Let the beads fall to the bottom of the strand so there is a space between the first and second beads on the strand (you need this space to allow the beads to move as you wrap it around your wrist). 

2. Place the inside of your wrist against your tummy; place the bottom end of the strand between your tummy and the inside of your wrist. 

3. Wrap the strand once around your wrist until a magnetic connection is made. If this is how you want your bracelet to fit, continue wrapping. If not, adjust the beads where the magnetic connection is made.  It gets easier to do with practice.

Crickets are hard to keep in stock, as they are so popular. Amazingly Strong Hematite! 

  • For lower back, groin, and sciatic problems just put the crickets in your front or back pockets. 
  • If you get stiff hands when you wake up just gently roll them in your hands..Five minutes makes a HUGE difference. 
  • Tuck them in the collar of your turtleneck to relieve tension in your neck. Slide the two of them into a small pouch and tie them to your t-shirt strap or bra strap at the shoulder to get relief from a stiff or frozen shoulder

Crickets (pair of 2) size  18 x 60 mm  are used in so many places.   

DESCRIPTION:  strung on 7 strand beading wire with clasps or magic stretch (no clasps)

Best results..  
Necklaces - for the head, neck and shoulders
Bracelets - from your elbow to your finger tips
Anklets - from the knee to the toes

Best Results for the head, neck and shoulder area. A large variety of colours to choose from.

DESCRIPTION: Strung on 7 strand beading wire with clasps or magic stretch (no clasps) .

PRICES: $25.00 and up

Double or SingleBRACELET.. Best results are from your elbow to your finger tips.

DESCRIPTION: strung on magic stretch (no clasps). Easy to slip on and off your wrist.

SINGLE starts at:$8.00

DOUBLE starts at$25.00

Double or Single ANKLE BRACELET.. Best Results are from the knee to the toes,  amazing for Diabetics! Great selection of coloured magnetic beads to choose from.

SINGLE starts at $12.00

DOUBLE starts at:$30.00

Double Bracelets..Best results are from your elbow to your finger tip

DESCRIPTION: Usually use black magnetic beads with minimal color, silver spacers, but, your choice. Prefer using magic stretch, easy to slip on and off your wrist.

PRICES:$32.00 and up

Necklace.. Best Results for the head, neck and shoulder area.

DESCRIPTION: "Loaded" with magnetic hematite (for extra strength), prefer magic stretch (no clasps) Usually use black magnetic beads with minimal colour, but, your choice.

PRICES:$32.00 and up

The demand for Men's Triple Strand Bands for the Forearm and Bicep is moving ahead and with great testimonials. I use magic stretch only for this band.

Best Results.. tendonitis, tennis elbow, muscle strain, shoulder injury, wrist and hand

PRICES: $45.00 and up

BREAST CANCER , OTHER CANCER AWARENESS, AUTISM, MS, ALZHEIMER'S, AIDS, MADD, A.D.D., PARKINSON'S DISEASE - You can choose from a selection of jewelry that I have already created of necklaces, bracelets, and/or anklets. Or you can custom order to include beads and/or ribbons for your special cause or event. Debs Dazzlers will make a donation to your charity for every bracelet you purchase.

DESCRIPTION: every piece has magnetic hematite with the awareness bead or ribbon

PRICES:$20.00 and up.

Meanings of the Ribbon Colors (Month of Recognition)
PINK:        Breast Cancer Awareness, Childhood Cancer Awareness (October)
YELLOW:  Testicular Cancer, Spinal Bifida, Bladder Cancer, Liver Cancer & Disease, Endometriosis, and General symbol of Hope (October)
 RED: Heart Disease, MADD, DARE, HIV/AIDS (February)
  Stroke (May)
PURPLE:    Alzheimer's, Crohn's, Cystic Fibrosis, Pancreatic Cancer, Fibromyalgia (November)
  Cancer Survivor Day (June)
  Lupus (October)
LAVENDER: Epilepsy, General Cancer Awareness (November)
BLUE:          Osteogenesis, Prostate Cancer (September)
  Arthritis  (May)     
  Scleroderma (June)
TEAL:  Cervical & Uterine Cancer (January)
  Ovarian Cancer (September)     
GREEN:  Kidney Cancer (March)      
WHITE:  Bone Cancer & Disease, Lung Cancer, Diabetes (November)
  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (March)     
ORANGE: Leukemia, Lymphoma Awareness (September)
SILVER:  Parkinson's Disease   
BROWN: Colon & Colorectal Cancer (alternative color is Blue)  (March)      
GREY: Asthma (May)
  Brain Cancer (March)            
PUZZLE: Autism (April)
BLACK: Melanoma (May)    
LACE:  Osteoporosis         

The children’s jewelry is fun and durable.

DESCRIPTION: Always beads of hematite mixed with the "fun"or "theme" beads

PRICES: $5.00 and up

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Keywords: Beads, Cancer, Cancer Awareness, Magnetic Hematite