Professional Intervention Services

By: Debraja  09-12-2011

We can help you decide which intervention services best suit your specific needs. We have a variety of options that we will be glad to discuss with you.

Initial consultation. There is no charge to call our offices and discuss your situation. We'll make recommendations, discussing low-cost or no-cost options as well as professional services. In addition to professionally facilitated interventions, we also offer consultation, case management and recovery mentoring.

  1. Detailed discussion with family, friends and associates (the intervention team)
  2. Choosing a treatment center (we work for you, not them)
  3. Seven point process for writing intervention letters
  4. Discussion of possible bottom line consequences
  5. Planning for objections and answers to objections
  6. Rehearsal of the intervention team
  7. Coordination with treatment provider
  8. Matching options to family finances
  9. Making travel arrangements
  10. Leading the intervention
  11. Escorting the patient to treatment

Hourly consultation. If you aren't sure about doing and intervention, but would like to work with us on an ongoing basis, we will be happy to set up an on-call telephone consultation system with you. We can also offer this consultation service on an on-going basis after the intervention, if you have greater needs than would normally be handled by follow up questions.

Team preparation. If you would like to do your intervention without a professional, but would like the benefit of some professional training, we can provide initial education and training for your family and friends by conference call. This training will usually last two to three hours. It is also an effective way to unify your team prior to an intervention, especially when some members are reluctant to move forward. The cost for a team preparation can be deducted from an intervention, if the intervention takes place within 90 days.

Case Management: Some cases are so complex that they require ongoing case management, especially for patients with a history of relapse. We can assure continuity of service between various providers (inpatient, outpatient, psychiatric, etc.), and we can also continue to provide consultation and counsel to the family or workplace in the months following treatment.

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