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By: Dealbuilders  09-12-2011
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Statement of Purpose

The Dealbuilders sales prospecting campaign increases the amount of direct contact you have over the telephone with your buying market by making calls and scheduling sales appointments on your behalf with targeted prospects that meet your qualifying criteria.

Understanding Your Business

The more I know about your business the better I can tailor a sales prospecting campaign that produces the desired result. It is recommended that we set aside at least an hour during the first week of our work together to get better acquainted with your business, and to establish a best practice protocol that will support a successful business development campaign.

Your Prospect Profile

Not all prospects are created equal. It goes without saying that some prospects are more likely to become customers than others. When you know in advance what it is that you are looking for in a new customer, the new customers are much easier to find.

During our time together we will take a close look at the characteristics that coincide with the ideal buyer of your product, or service.

Your Master Prospect Target List

Once a profile of your ideal customer is established, we then need to assemble a list of target sales contacts and phone numbers to call. The client bears responsibility for this. I recommend lead list resources like Jigsaw.

Your Gold Call Script

Your ‘gold call’ script will serve as the catalyst for conversations that I have over the phone with your sales prospects. I will submit a ‘gold call’ script for your review prior to my making any sales calls to prospects.

Managing Your Expectations

Your satisfaction with the services I provide is most important. Understanding your expectations in advance is a prerequisite to our managing them on an ongoing basis. Prior to commencing with our campaign it should be very clear to both of us as to what a qualified prospect is. Then calls will be made to sales prospects with that specific definition in mind. This helps to assure you that your time will not be wasted on sales calls with sales prospects that do not qualify.

Scheduling Sales Calls On Your Behalf

Aside from qualifying your sales prospect, the purpose behind my making calls to your sales prospect will be to schedule a date and time on your calendar to speak directly with your sales prospect either on the phone, or in-person. Knowledge of your calendar in advance helps with the scheduling. I will also participate in all scheduled calls with your sales prospects to set the agenda, and to provide for a smooth transition of the sales call over to you, or your designate salesperson. I will also handle all aspects of setting and confirming set sales appointments with your sales prospects in advance of our scheduled call, or sales meeting.

Weekly Updates

Prospect Communications

Keywords: Business Development, Gold

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