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By: Dealbuilders  09-12-2011

Dealbuilders is a full service business development consulting firm with a priority focus upon direct sales. We help companies increase the amount of contact they have with their target market, and fill their sales pipeline. Leveraging over 25 years experience selling technology to Fortune 1000 companies, we design and engineer the ideal sales and marketing strategies that accelerate the growth of new business. Our comprehensive services are available to companies large and small, from startups to Oracle Direct.  Working as an extension of your existing sales organization, we make contact with prospective buyers to generate interest, qualify opportunities, and schedule sales meetings with decision makers.

Scope of Work Phase I. Objectives

  • Understand the business of your company
  • Build an accurate profile of the ideal buyer of your products and services.
  • Help create a list of target sales prospects to be called on the telephone.
  • Create a ‘Gold Call Script’ to be used on calls to sales prospects.
  • Make direct contact on the phone with your target prospects
  • Schedule phone calls, or sales meetings with your qualified prospects.
  • Record phone conversations with your sales prospects, and forward these call recordings to you for analysis.
  • Participate on all scheduled sales calls with your sales prospects to provide a seamless transfer of control of the sales call to you.  
  • Provide regular updates of all prospecting activities via our Master Call Report.

Phase II.  Sales Prospecting Campaign

  • Peter Ekstrom (Dealbuilders) will make the necessary quantity of phone calls to the targeted individuals that appear your  ‘Target Prospect List’ for the purpose of scheduling conference calls and in-person meetings.
  • Peter Ekstrom (Dealbuilders) will qualify your sales prospects based on the following criteria:

        1.    The prospect is the right contact for the solutions you provide.
2.    The prospect has a problem they are committed to solving.
3.    The prospect is the decision-maker, or key influencer.

  • Peter Ekstrom (Dealbuilders) will schedule, confirm, and can participate in the conference calls and in-person meetings scheduled on your behalf.
  • Peter Ekstrom (Dealbuilders) will hold weekly update conference calls with you to discuss the status of our campaign.

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Gold Calls For Job Hunters

Dealbuilders is increasingly aware that the Gold Call skills we teach, and the services we offer, are relevant and quite applicable to the job hunter of today.If you are looking for a job, there are two reasons to consider adopting the Gold Call Script for your job search. I highly recommend Peter Ekstrom and hope to hear from you on the successes you will undoubtedly experience if you become one if his clients".


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Dealbuilders is increasingly aware that the Gold Call skills we teach, and the services we offer, are relevant and quite applicable to the job hunter of today. Accomplished sales 'hunters' have a distinct advantage over those job seekers with little, or no selling skills. Many job hunters spend more time answering classified ads than they do getting their foot in the door.


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Once Dealbuilders has gained a solid commitment from your prospect for the date & time of your scheduled sales meeting, we handle all facets of the scheduling and confirmation process between your new sales prospect, and your designated salesperson.


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The Dealbuilders sales prospecting campaign increases the amount of direct contact you have over the telephone with your buying market by making calls and scheduling sales appointments on your behalf with targeted prospects that meet your qualifying criteria. Once a profile of your ideal customer is established, we then need to assemble a list of target sales contacts and phone numbers to call.