By: Dcm Hosting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Web Design, Interactive Design

DCM Hosting offers flexible plans that should meet anyone's needs. Whether you just want to get a simple starter plan or a full scale plan with plenty of webspace and monthly bandwidth! Check out all the amazing features you get with each plan below.

What makes DCM Hosting stand out from the rest is that we offer monthly updates to any hosted site! We offer plenty of other services including graphic, web and interactive design. If you need a solution..we have all the answers in one place!

DCM Hosting offers graphic, web and interactive design. Each of the builds offer features that are highlighted below. Pick the one that's the best solution for you! Remember with any build, your site will have that extra original and compelling edge!

*Prices are rough estimates. All final prices will be discussed and agreed upon in a written contract. Half is paid unfront while the other half is due upon completion.

DCM Hosting offers interactive design to give a site that visionary effect with plenty of animation to keep anyone's attention with a clever and interesting format. If your site is too boring, let us take it to the next level of interaction. Flash is becoming so popular that almost 3 out of every 5 websites have some Flash element. Whether if it's a banner, dynamic element or just something that will add activity to your site. Interactive design comes with any of the 3 Graphic / Web Design packages!

DCM Hosting can handle any of your video needs. Need a raw video edited and published on a DVD??? Let us take care of it and add our extra spin to it makes any video or film stand out from the rest. We can even tweak anything to maintain the best suitable quality possible!

Here at DCM Hosting, we not only have the eyes to make it happen but also the ears to make your audio clean, prestine and very audible. We are also musicians too so we know what to look for in a sound or tone. We know what it takes to clean up audio!

Keywords: Interactive Design, Web Design