dc international custom jewelers...Ear Piercing

By: Dc International  09-12-2011

We can help you!

For more than 25 years Carolyn has been piercing the ears of the young and ‘not so young’…from about 6 months to 92 years!

She is very patient with young children and really is great helping them through the process.

This same technique also works well for those of any age.

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dc international custom jewelers...Pearl & Bead Stringing

Whether you have pearls or beads that may need to be restrung because the string is stretched or worn -- o r you may want to give your strand a ‘new’ or ‘different’ look by incorporating other bead types into the strand, Carolyn can help you. For more than 25 years Carolyn has been stringing ‘pearls & beads’ in the Greater Puget Sound area.


dc international custom jewelers...Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Our craftsman can do ring sizing, jewelry repairs, prong repairs, alterations, reconstruction, and special order designs. The repairs I’ve had done have been excellent, but my ring reconstruction was outstanding. Platinum Repair – We have jewelers specially trained to work on platinum.


dc international custom jewelers...Custom Design

After the sketch is either altered to be ‘just right’ or is accepted ‘as is’…we then do a wax carving of the item and actually set the stones into the wax precisely as they will be set in the finished piece. First we start with an idea, perhaps a picture, even a doodle… and we will walk you through the design process from there.