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By: Dbs Electronics  09-12-2011
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We are happy to provide installations on all the electronics we sell.  An outdoor, driveway between our shops provides the necessary environment for doing turn-key work.  One benefit of having both the retail showroom and the installation facility in the same location is that we get to take units out to the boat, and move items around without actually doing any permanent installation.  By so doing, we can check for glare, compass problems, interference with view, EMI (electrical interference between devices), and overall appearance and balance of display. 

Our install rate is $85.00/hour, and we have all the power equipment to make the most of this time.  There is also a complete woodworking shop here to do custom bezels, and paneling. 

All wiring is completely bound with tie wraps, or other bindings to insure that it stays in place, and contributes to an overall, neat appearing install.  When the work is completed, the owner is given a run through of the operational side of the installation. 

When we anticipate a conflict between devices, we try to present the issue as fairly as possible, to help decide if these issues can be solved or tolerated. 

Road Service:

Whenever it isn't possible to bring a unit in to the shop for repair, we will service it in the field.   Our standard hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday.  Arrangements can be made to meet vessels after hours.  Our insurance limits our service work to docked vessels only, (no offshore or moving vessels)

Our trade area is from Victoria, TX to New Orleans, LA.  Our insurance is normally adequate to cover any commercial site, however, some places require clearance 24 hours before plant entry, therefore to avoid delays, please check in advance with the dock. 

If the work site requires special equipment, please let us know before we leave to make sure that we have everything needed.  Most places require steel toe boots, safety glasses, and some require Nomex clothing.  Almost all the places require a familiarization with the company's safety procedures and drills. 

Equipment that we work on includes but is not necessarily limited to:  Radar, radio communication equipment, plotters, navigational electronics, weather instruments, autopilots, satellite communications and television, and intercom systems.

Our rates are:  Straight time for inland vessels, shop work, and travel $85.00/hr for one tech, $100.00/hour if the work requires two techs and overtime is accrued at the rate of 1.5 X S.T. ...For High seas work, the rate is $90.00/hr with overtime accrued at the rate of 1.5 X S. T.  Time is figured from leaving our shop, to return. Mileage is charged at $1.00 per mile from leaving our shop, to return.

All repair warranty is for 90 days, limited to the work and materials originally done, FOB, our shop, Port Arthur, Texas. Any warranty on specific components is limited to the manufacturer's original warranty.  It is the responsibility of the customer to retain the original bills of sale in order to have us process the warranty claims.  We can contact the manufacturer of your equipment for you, to verify the warranty status. 

Bench Work:

Bench work is any work that is brought in to our location, either through the front door, or in a boat on a trailer outside, or in the water in our stall outside.  Standard time and materials apply to all repairs, unless quoted in writing.  

Normally water damaged items will not be repaired or attempted, since it is almost impossible to predict the outcome.  We will open the unit up and show where the problem is, and then the owner can decide what to do.  The minimum charge to place a unit on the bench and examine it is $20.00. 

All bench work is billed at the rate of $85.00 per hour.  We will make every effort to get to the repair in the following order of precedence:

          1.  When a vessel is interrupting its normal commercial routine, in order to get a unit serviced, i.e. it is tied to the dock awaiting the return of this item, it is given first precedence.

          2.  When an item was purchased through DBS, and a problem needs to be addressed right away, we will take care of it.

          3.  All other service orders will processed in the order that they were brought in. 

Warranty work:  All warranty work states that the unit is to be returned to the point of sale, with the exception of radar.  Manufacturers put certain limitations on the maximum that they will pay for warranty work.  Normally we can do the warranty work on anything in our shops, and the manufacturer will fully cover the repair.  If the repair is going to exceed the maximum allowed by the manufacturer, we will contact the customer and decide whether to send the unit back to the factory for repair, or if the customer needs the unit right away, whether he will pay the difference.  Warranty work on items not purchased at DBS are taken on a "case by case basis", the limiting factor being whether we have time and personnel available, so as not to disappoint our regular customers.    Radar warranty work requires travel, and some manufacturers allow a modest amount of travel time.  It is important to get the warranty dealer nearest the vessel at the time, to minimize the travel.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide verification of warranty status, such as an original receipt, or if it was purchased at DBS, the approximate date.  Manufacturers sometimes require that a warranty card be submitted before they will honor warranty claims.  Any customer installed unit will have the installation examined to determine if correct electrical procedures were followed. 

All repair work is guaranteed for 90 days, limited to the actual repair.  Subsequent problems not related to the original repair are not covered under this guarantee. 

Items that have been repaired are placed for pickup in the front office. If an item is not picked up in 60 days or other arrangements made, a certified letter will be sent, prior to disposing of the item for costs. 

Major credit cards are accepted, as well as cash or check with identification.  Until payment clears, ownership of the parts used is retained by DBS,   

Consumable items such as fuses, tubes, magnetrons, and so on, have no warranty.
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