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By: Dayoptics Company  09-12-2011
Keywords: Thermal Conductivity


Cr 4+ :YAG

Physical and Optical Properties
Chemical Formula Cr4+ :Y3 A15 O12
Crystal Structure Cubic garnet
Recovery time 8.5 µs
Hardness Mohs 8.5
Density 4.56g/cm3
Orientation [100]+/-10°
Thermal conductivity 12.13w/m/k
Refractive index
Optical Properties
Base state absorption cross section σ s 1 =4.3x10-18 cm2
Emission state absorption cross section σ s 2 =8.2x10-19 cm2
Fluorescence lifetime 3.4us
Cr 4+ dopant concentration 0.5 mol% ~ 3 mol%
Aperture 2x2 ~ 14x14mm
Initial transmission 10% ~ 99%
Typical Specification and Tolerance
Dimension tolerance (W ± 0.1mm) x (H ± 0.1mm) x (L + 0.2mm/-0.1mm)
Scratch/Dig code better than 10/5 Scracth/dig per MIL-O-13830A
Parallelism < 20 arc seconds
Perpendicularity < 5 arc minutes
Wavefront distortion
Clear aperture > 90% central area
Coating Anti-reflective

Keywords: Thermal Conductivity

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