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By: David Goldsmith  09-12-2011
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That’s right, experience explosive growth by learning how to create it in areas that are often the most challenging for associations: membership growth and volunteer recruitment.David Goldsmith, one of the world’s premiere Business futurists and leadership-management strategists, tells you why associations struggle to find and/or keep membership. He explains why the premise “if you offer networking and education, members will stay,” is a myth and shows how associations can deliver on their members’ investment. He also shows you how not to rely on the altruism of volunteers and reveals the secret to discovering what volunteers really want in return for their time.

For increasing and retaining MEMBERSHIP

  1. Uncover the ONLY reason members really join that no one, until now, talked about
  2. Learn how the number 5 gets prospective members to knock down your doors
  3. Gain access to the secret of effortless renewals year after year
  4. Build a stronger, more powerful organization than you ever thought possible
  5. Achieve explosive growth 24/7/365 with little to no monetary and time investment
  6. Engage the entire organzation verses just the CEO twice a year.

For finding quality people and producing through VOLUNTEERS

  1. Tap into the TRUE motives that capture quality volunteers
  2. Implement the strategy that inspires volunteers to work for FrEE
  3. Learn how to (almost effortlessly) build the board of your dreams
  4. Know the reward that motivates every volunteer
  5. Build rapid growth through volunteers
  6. Develop an active an working Board of Directors
Taped in front of a live audience, David Goldsmith shares the secrets he's used to:~ grow one organization volunteer base 841% in just six months while expanding delivery from 240 members to over 3000.
~ deliver a state wide conference with 68% fewer volunteers and anincrease in attendance of over 300%.
~ trail blaze an international association chapter from 5 individuals to over 968 members, touching 5 continents and 41 states in just three years. 
~ the same international federation has acknowledged he's created the fastest growing and largest chapter in the world.

“ David received excellent evaluations. His session was standing room only, generating among the highest attendance for our conference sessions. What impressed me most was that he did research beforehand, and contacted a number of my members prior to the session. ALL of them were extremely impressed and cited specific ways in which he helped them with their associations.”Penny Murphy
President and Chief Executive Officer
Empire State Society of Association Executives

Keywords: goldsmith