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By: Dave Hord  09-12-2011
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My buddy Gord, who builds the Subaru Canada rally cars, came over to discuss the roll bar options with me. Neither of us were fans of the rear-stays that came with my bolt-in roll bar, so we've agreed that he'll need to make some new ones for me. He also figured out a way to move →

I've started to mock up the Accusump, Dry-Sump Tank and Oil Cooler. I think I'm going to set the car up with a "summer mount" and a "winter mount" for the oil-cooler. The winter mount will actually double as a heater for the inside of the bug. Packaging space for everything, as always, is a →

And with that, I had an incredibly productive day today out in the garage. I finally managed to get the '69 out of the shop, which meant I could pull the new '71 into the shop. I started on the rear, pulling each fender, the running boards, glass and finally the front fenders. This particular →

Remember that ultra-valuable wheel from a few posts back? Yeah, not so valuable anymore. Basically, I messed up on the tire machine. Rally car tires are super, super, super stiff. And while I have mounted hundreds on alloy wheels, I've only ever mounted one a onto a steel wheel four times before. If you don't get the bead →

The front suspension on this project is relatively simple, factory arms and likely a modified coil-over setup custom built in my garage. I finally got around to cleaning up a set of front arms for painting. On the rear I'm ditching the torsion bars and going with a rod-end for the pivot. Currently working with some steel to put them →

The new racing parts have started arriving for the project. First up is the dry-sump tank for my oiling system. A traditional style engine has the oil collect in a pan bolted the the bottom of the engine. In extreme cornering the oil can slosh around and cause air to be picked up by the pump instead of oil. I →

Finally found a suitable donor for the '71 beetle project. I ended up having to drive over 6 hours south to find a "rust free" version, but I think I've done pretty well. Truthfully, I don't think you can really find a completely rust-free shell, so it will be interesting to see what surprises lie underneath. For the most part, →

The black paint I laid down earlier was actually semi-gloss black. With the semi-gloss paint dry, I was able to seam seal the bottom of the pan. And then tonight I laid down a coat of POR15 Silver. It's brushed on, and silver never looks good when it's brushed. Lots of track marks, brush marks and uneven silvering..but that's okay. I →

My original plan was to do a big section of the frame head, leaving me lots of mounting bolts and measuring points to work from. I assumed that I could just separate the halves at the spot welds, and weld in a nut from the back for the mount..but once I ground off the sway bar mount on my donor →

Grinding and Sandblasting on the spine are now complete. I've started welding up the various holes and spots that require attention, but in doing so discovered a more significant problem. I knew the tow-hook area was rough when I started on the pan, but blasting and grinding revealed that the problem is deeper then I first →

After hours and hours of grinding, I finally took the pan down to a friend's place for sandblasting. Whew! That is a lot easier. Sandblasting won't pull up the seam sealer unless you really work at it..thus, I simply took off the stuff I have to and left the seam sealer I don't _need_ to remove. Four hours of →

The pan work continues..and let me tell you, spot welds are frustrating! -Dave

This new project has been called the "not so secret, secret project" inside my circle of friends who have known about it. One of the biggest issues with my '69 project car (http://www.germanlook.net/forums/showthread.php?t=10319) was the fact that I essentially daily-drive the car, and thus could never set it aside for the time needed to really do it up →

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Typically my new toys are stored in the garage or the driveway..occasionally I'll have the fortune of adding a toy that just doesn't fit in my usual places..and tonight was just the night. Lesson One - Check the map before making silly plans to go buy an American vehicle from the 70's. Connor, Trevor and I were sitting around the Geek Bench, doing the usual surfing of craigslist.


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Scott was working on his sled, and by the time we got around to choosing a time he couldn't go.With light fading, I asked Connor to drive me up and just hit the trail solo. My buddy Scott was justifiably annoyed with me a couple of weeks ago because I no longer go riding "anytime and every time". Chad and I scouted some spots at Panorama Mountain, and went out at the end of the day to see what we could get.


69 Beetle – Dave Hord

Compromised by a need to be both performance and daily driver, it was never going to be as "hard core" as I wanted. The annual Great Canadian Volkswagen Show is this coming weekend, so it's time to get the white bug ready. I already knew about the cosmetic issues, the trick was to find out if it was mechanically sound. The '69 will be retiring into a life as a marketing tool for a local real-estate agent.


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The top racers from Canada found themselves at Panorama Mountain this past weekend, all vying for the top places at the National Downhill Championships. It was dry and dusty..it was pouring rain..it was sunny with misting water-droplets - All on the same course, at the exact same time. I was on hand for the week coaching the Cycling BC Provincial team, along with my two coaches Chad Hendren and Mark Bunyan.


Photography – Dave Hord

Chad, Kevin Landry and Andrew Teit have a new secret riding spot that they're doing some building in, and I was asked to join them for an evening shoot for Bern Helmets. From there it was a bit of a rush as we worked to build a start ramp and scaffolding setup for a dirt jump demo that Wayne and Connor are giving over the next two days.