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By: Dave Hord  09-12-2011

The '69 will be retiring into a life as a marketing tool for a local real-estate agent. While I have enjoyed it immensely, it was always a 'test-bed' for what I really wanted. Compromised by a need to be both performance and daily driver, it was never going to be as "hard core" as I wanted. →

The annual Great Canadian Volkswagen Show is this coming weekend, so it's time to get the white bug ready. Truthfully I don't wash the car nearly as much as I should..we're always riding or wrenching or traveling. But when I do get to washing it, I'm always amazed at how good it looks and it usually starts me on an →

It's true. I bought it. After looking at tonnes of bugs online, and a Porsche 914 in person, I decided to drop in and test-drive the white beetle I posted earlier. I already knew about the cosmetic issues, the trick was to find out if it was mechanically sound. The original plan was to spend the afternoon making my way →

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Uncategorized – Dave Hord

Typically my new toys are stored in the garage or the driveway..occasionally I'll have the fortune of adding a toy that just doesn't fit in my usual places..and tonight was just the night. Lesson One - Check the map before making silly plans to go buy an American vehicle from the 70's. Connor, Trevor and I were sitting around the Geek Bench, doing the usual surfing of craigslist.


Riding – Dave Hord

Scott was working on his sled, and by the time we got around to choosing a time he couldn't go.With light fading, I asked Connor to drive me up and just hit the trail solo. My buddy Scott was justifiably annoyed with me a couple of weeks ago because I no longer go riding "anytime and every time". Chad and I scouted some spots at Panorama Mountain, and went out at the end of the day to see what we could get.


Coaching – Dave Hord

The top racers from Canada found themselves at Panorama Mountain this past weekend, all vying for the top places at the National Downhill Championships. It was dry and dusty..it was pouring rain..it was sunny with misting water-droplets - All on the same course, at the exact same time. I was on hand for the week coaching the Cycling BC Provincial team, along with my two coaches Chad Hendren and Mark Bunyan.


Photography – Dave Hord

Chad, Kevin Landry and Andrew Teit have a new secret riding spot that they're doing some building in, and I was asked to join them for an evening shoot for Bern Helmets. From there it was a bit of a rush as we worked to build a start ramp and scaffolding setup for a dirt jump demo that Wayne and Connor are giving over the next two days.


71 Beetle – Dave Hord

I assumed that I could just separate the halves at the spot welds, and weld in a nut from the back for the mount..but once I ground off the sway bar mount on my donor. Sandblasting won't pull up the seam sealer unless you really work at it..thus, I simply took off the stuff I have to and left the seam sealer I don't _need_ to remove.