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By: Datawedge  09-12-2011
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What are the components that make up DMS?

DMS is composed of a main server, a fax server, and one or more workstations.

What type or kind of computer do I need to run the software?

All of the above DMS components can be run on a single computer. However, for larger operations, these components are typically broken out and run on separate machines on a LAN (Local Area Network).

We recommend the following MINIMUM for your copies of DMS:

  • Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or better
  • 10 Gig Hard drive or better
  • 17” SVGA Monitor (1024 X 768 or better) strongly recommended
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Windows-compatible printer
  • Windows installed Fax Modem (for fax server)
  • Always on Internet Access required for web or assisted dispatch modules (i.e., DSL, Cable-Modem or better)
Please note that this represents the absolute MINIMUM required.

DMS is based in Microsoft's .NET framework.  We strongly recommend at least the PROFESSIONAL version of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 for your operating system.

Does the system come with fax software?

Yes. DMS comes with it’s own fax server software. The fax system is only able to process fax requests from DMS.

Is the system able to accept credit cards?

DMS integrates with Elavon for credit card processesing, offering a complete and secure PCI compliant processesing solution.

What is “Assisted Dispatch?”

DMS has the ability to send text messages to a variety of cellular carriers, cutting down on dispatcher overhead. This technology allows the dispatcher to send pages to the driver over his/her cellular phone with a summary of order information. This cuts down tremendously on the “dispatcher chatter”, and allows for the company to hide the customer information from the restaurant.

Can I accept orders placed on-line?

Yes. DataWedge, LLC, also offers an on-line ordering component with the DMS software. Depending upon the web package you sign up for, you can either quickly establish a brand new web presence if you currently have or you can integrate our on-line order taking engine with your current web site. Contact DataWedge for more details.

Does DMS come with SQL Server?

DMS comes with Microsoft's free version of SQL Server 2005.  This version of SQL Server is capped to a database size of 4GB, which is more than adequate for the majority of RDS operations.   For larger DB operations, RDS's are able to seamlessly upgrade to Microsoft's full version of SQL Server. 

How much does DMS cost?

Keywords: credit card

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Some products and services we provide are Merchant Accounts, Credit Cards, RDS Software, POS Software, Consulting, programming, web design, and Dispatching Software. The DMS On-Line Order Taking engine integrates with DMS, allowing you to export your menus up to our Web Engine, and maintain a professional web presence. Restaurant Delivery Service Software by DataWedge LLC Products offered in general.


Restaurant Delivery Service Software by DataWedge LLC

Our sample business plan is an actual plan written for the RDS model and has been successfully used by many of our customers. We highly recommend purchasing the "Sample Document Kit". Sample Credit Card Authorization Form - 1 page. Sample House Account Application - 1 page. Sample Restaurant Contract - 6 pages.


Restaurant Delivery Service Software by DataWedge offers a Credit Card Processor

The process of finding a Credit Card Processor, negotiating for a good credit card rate, and then going through the hassle of trying to find a program to do the processing. We launched our DMS credit card system that allows DMS to process credit card transactions DIRECTLY IN THE DMS SOFTWARE. Would you like to learn more about the Credit Card system offered by DataWedge.


DataWedge LLC is the undisputed leader in Restaurant Delivery Service Software Industry

We have achieved our success because we seek out and strive for long term business relationships with our clients. If you have a delivery service in your area, most likely they are utilizing a copy of DMS for their RDS needs. The Frequently Asked Questions page will aid you in the download and the pricing details are spelled out. We have achieved our success not because we sell a lot of software.