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By: Dataguard Archives  09-12-2011
Keywords: Storage, Boxes, Secure Storage

Confidential, secure, climate controlled storage of your records:  Your archiving / storage account can grow or shrink depending on your requirements. You'll never pay for open, un-used shelf space or need to aquire another storage unit!

Computer inventory of stored files and boxes:  We keep meticulous records of all boxes or files in storage, as well as items retrieved, delivered or returned.  We provide a spreadsheet inventory of what you have, where it's at, how old it is, and who has or had access to it.

Complete pickup and delivery service:  You can pick up or we can deliver. Imagine - rather than spending 30 minutes or more traveling to and from your storage unit, we deliver your records directly to you!

Retrieval of files or boxes from our secure storage / archive facility:  We pull and deliver your requested items, while keeping track of where everything is for you!

Boxing and labeling of archived files:  We will arrange, box, inventory, and label everything. We handle all the little hassles of archiving for you!

Sale of storage boxes:  Yes, we sell archiving boxes at very competitive rates! Bulk discounts available in lots of 50 cartons.

Convenient access to files or boxes:  We make it easy for you to access or manage your archived records - that's our specialty!

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