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By: Data Weigh  09-12-2011
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At Data Weighing Systems, our goal is to provide you the equipment that yields the highest Return on Investment. We use our expertise to help solve your current needs, make your plant more efficient and allow you to focus on your bottom line.

As an Independent Dealer, we represent several different manufacturers of quality equipment. Our ISO 17025-accredited Service Department prides itself on servicing equipment on site in a timely manner. And, our 24-Hour Business Center always has a representative on duty.

To help you quickly locate the weighing equipment you're looking for, you can sort our products by device type, application, industry and manufacturer or view all products at once. If you still can't find what you need, contact us at 1.800.750.6842 for assistance.

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Keywords: Data Weighing Systems, Weighing Equipment,

Other products and services from Data Weigh


Crane and Construction - Products by Industry Type

Data Weighing Systems is your source for quality weighing and force measurement products for both manufactures of construction equipment and unique job site requirements. Dynamometers for Load testing of Cranes and lifts for OSHA and other safety requirements. Load cells and instruments for Silos and tanks and for measuring Crushing Strength. Force Gauges and Dynamometers to ensure push and pull strength requirements.


Plastics - Products by Industry Type

Our Moisture Analyzers verify resin drying times, our balances and force measurement devices are used for quality control and our larger scales are used to accurately fill boxes both manually and in automated box filling machines. At Data Weighing Systems we understand the constant pressure faced by plastics manufactures to reduce costs yet meet the increasing customer demands for perfection in every aspect of your process.


Pharmaceuticals - Products by Industry Type

Not only can we supply you with the most accurate and update weighing and analytical equipment but we have experts available to assist you in ensuring FDA and USP compliance. Call today to find out how our newest balances can guarantee that operators comply with minimum weight requirements. Data Weighing Systems is the source for precision weighing for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Services | Data Weighing Systems

Our ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation ensures that all employees performing service activities are trained on the appropriate and recognized procedures. Every scale and measuring device requires maintenance and calibration to sustain a high level of accuracy and functionality. Data Weighing Systems provides full service and support on our comprehensive line of products.