By: Data Clean Asia  09-12-2011
Keywords: data center, Data Center Cleaning

The Data Clean’s DC-55 High Volume Air Grate is a 600mm x 600mm, cast aluminum floor panel with a minimum open area of 55% that delivers more than twice the CFM of the average perforated floor tiles. That means it provides enough airflow to properly cool your high density server racks.

The DC-55 tile can be the solution to your hot-spot problems. The tile has a durable light grey, epoxy powder coated finish to prevent corrosion and this heavy-duty perforated panel is point-load tested to 7 KN (1573.7 lbf) with a maximum deflection of 1.20mm at 4.5 KN.

Data Clean Asia, the leader in data center cleaning and consulting services now offers this new high volume tile in it’s arsenal of cooling solutions for your data center. Call your Data Clean representative to come in and give you a demonstration of this state-of-art new tile. We will take airflow measurements right before your eyes so you can see the vast difference between your old outdated tile and this latest in cooling technology.

Keywords: data center, Data Center Cleaning

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The Data Clean lifter brackets come standard with “Please Return After Use” and the Data Clean logo at the bottom or for an additional fee you can have any message at the top and your company logo at the bottom. Our bracket comes in a high visibility red enamel coating and holds both our suction lifter and perforated tile lifter. You will never have to search for your floor lifter again.



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