Welcome to Dalrae Acres - Lowline Black Angus

By: Dalrae Acres  09-12-2011


What You Need to Know

We encourage you to call us and benefit from our learning. We will personally help you with establishing your farm for Lowline Black Angus. Some of the services we provide include helping you determine the following:

  • Land requirements
  • Nutritional management
  • Field preparation
  • Fencing needs
  • Shelters
  • Equipment requirements
  • Required Feed
  • Water requirements
New Farmers Welcome

If you need a few tips or you’re just starting, let us know. Learn from our experience as a recently established hobby farm.

  • How much do cows eat?
  • What should they eat?
  • How much water do they need?
  • What type of fencing do I need
  • How much do these cows cost?
  • How much property do I need per head?
  • Do I need a corral?