Social Media Manager - Toronto / Mississauga

By: Daisy Avenue  09-12-2011

As a business owner you probably already know that Social Media is almost a must for promoting your business….but you’re mostly likely too busy to do all this “socializing” everyday. You’re busy running your business.

We offer the following services:

Social Media Profile Management

  • Made especially for business owners, we will manage your social media profiles and online presence to ensure you get the maximum leverage from social media with out you having to spend your time online.
  • Monitor what others are saying about you online. We can protect your reputation by managing Twitter and Google alerts that relate to your business.

Small/Medium Business Social Media Consulting

  • We can help your small business get started marketing your products and services through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, YouTube, FriendFeed,,, Blogs and more
  • We can help you setup a daily plan of action so that you get maximum exposure for minimal time invested.

Social Community Management & Creation

  • Consistent management of your custom build community
  • Already have an online community that you want managed daily to ensure your customers come back over and over again? We can help.

Customer Service Management & Consulting

  • Find disgruntled customers and turn them into happy customers with social media service and consulting.
  • Create your online Customer Service policies and training manuals to ensure consistency.

Web Research & Content Creation

  • Create newsletters, articles, web research and more!

Other products and services from Daisy Avenue


Mississauga SEO Specialist/ Website Optimization / Internet Marketing

If you’re looking to boost your mailing list, convert more visitors, get more traffic or make more sales, this is a one stop shop. With a background in marketing and IT, it’s only natural that I’ve combined the two for my clients. Onsite SEO / Offsite SEO.


Web Design: Mississauga: Daisy Avenue Designs

Whether you need us to create a site from scratch, install a template, customize a template, perform regular maintenance or just make some simple changes….we can do it. You choose the template but if you want it to be a different color or use different graphics, we’ll take the template and customize it to your branding. You choose the template you want by Googling “wordpress themes” and we’ll get it all setup and installed for you.


Mississauga Graphic Designer: Tracy Matthewman

So no matter what I do, I will always assist you in not only looking good online & offline, but I will also consider the target market, buying patterns, buying psychology, copywriting and other marketing know-how into each piece I do. Whether you need a business card designed or a billboard, I can design something fresh and stylish. These prices are estimates…your particular requirements may reflect higher prices.



Smart business owners know that social media is the cutting edge method of promoting anything…Hire us to set this up for you and look after it on an ongoing basis. We offer a wide variety of services.