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By: D F I  09-12-2011

Hydrovac excavating is a safe efficient way to expose underground facilities, remove debris, slot trench, or dig holes.  The DFI Hydrovac fleet includes high capacity DOT, and non-DOT units, , steamers, and water trucks. Whatever clients require, DFI has a unit to suit the job. 

Units to Fit the Job
DFI Hydrovac units come in all sizes.  From small single axle 4×4 trucks to large tri-drive units with water trailers.  These Hydrovac trucks have as much as 9 cubic meters of water capacity, meaning less time refilling, and more time on site—that’s enough water for a 10 hour shift.  With a 33 foot reach, that time on site will be spent working—not relocating.  These units are among the most powerful in the industry, creating suction of up to 6500 cfm.

Cold Weather—No Problem
Winter weather can wreak havoc on mechanical equipment.  DFI units can work in minus 40 degree temperatures.  Water sensitive equipment is housed in a heated van body, and can withstand the coldest winter nights.  Frozen ground or debris is no problem—DFI units are equipped with 1,000,000 btu burners, and remote GPS call out ensures units are warm and ready when crews arrive in the morning.

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