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By: D Aviation  09-12-2011
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In 1997, a historical event took place in our industry. Vertical separation between aircraft was reduced to 1,000 ft (300m) in North Atlantic MNPS airspace. This program is called RVSM or Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum(s).

Since this historic event, we have witnessed the spread of RVSM airspace to encompass altitudes between FL285 and FL420 (inclusive) i the North Atlantic, Europe, Western Atlantic and Caribbean, South Atlantic, North Pacific, Central and Western Pacific, South China Sea, Australia, and Canadian airspace. Most pilots think, "International Airspace doesn't affect me", or the inevitable, "that's the future, we've got plenty of time".

For the record, DRVSM (Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums) is scheduled for implementation in the contiguous 48 stales of the United States and Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico airspace between FL290 and FL410 in January 2005 for all aircraft. Full DRVSM will add six additional usable altitudes above FL290 to those available under today's Conventional Vertical Separation Minimum system. The ATC system will experience increased benefits, such as operational efficiency, enhanced airspace capacity and increased throughput of en route traffic.

Operations within this type of airspace requires a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) as well as an RVSM Standard Practices Manual and RVSM specific MEL. Experience has shown that those operators not prepared with the proper authority during the RVSM implementation were restricted from operating.

Don't let this happen to you.

At D&D we have spent several years developing an acceptable manual to meet the global requirements of RVSM implementation and operations. Based on the comments from existing customers, success has been achieved! We completed the first Falcon 900 and the first Gulfstream G-IV RVSM approvals in the country. All of our DRVSM Manuals are specifically tailored to each customer's operations, aircraft type, and equipment capabilities. In fact, we guarantee your approval.

Proven Performance:

D&D has successfully accomplished over a thousand approvals for our customers in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and Europe to conduct operations in MNPS/RVSM, RNP-5/10, BRNAV and Australian airspace. More importantly, D&D's International Support Package has been approved not only by our customers, but more importantly, by the Federal Aviation Administration and eleven additional regulatory agencies. Thirty-four office of the FAA, in all nine regions have requested copies of the D&D International Operations Manual and utilize the manual as reference and example material for its inspectors and clients. All of our products are guaranteed - that's why we guarantee you will receive your approvals.

Efficient Service:

DRVSM Manuals are shipped, bound in your choice of multiple size 3-ring binders, with custom labeled tabs for each required section. Professional features such as glossaries and indices for hard-to-find charts, graphs, tables, and customized appendices are some of our standard services.

Product Support:

All of our DRVSM Manuals are provided on an initial subscription with unlimited customization and revision support service for the first year. Annual revision support service is also available to keep your manuals in compliance forever.

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