By: Cypresshills Landscaping  09-12-2011
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Cypress Hills Landscaping & Snow Removal Inc. is a customer service driven company. We are availible to service all or any of your landscaping needs from weekly maintenance to creative design. (Business or Home)

We use only the best plant material, natural stone and provide a professional environment. We always meet customer satisfaction and guarantee.

Maintenance (Lawn & Garden)

  • Mowing and trimming on an average of once per week to a blade length of not less than 2 inches.
  • Weekly removal of and/or weeds around trees,shrubs and gardens and cultivating soil once bi-weekly.
  • Edging all planted areas once bi-weekly.
  • Pruning all material necessary.
  • Weekly removal of debris accumulating on lawn areas.

Cypress Hills Landscaping Inc. offers Weed Control and Fertilizing programs.

  • spraying lawn areas twice per season (spring & fall). All spraying will be done by licensed operators and shall be unconditionally guaranteed.
  • Fertilizing to be applied 3 times per season with 25-5-10 lawn fertilizer containing 50% slow release or equivalent.

Need Spring and Fall clean-ups on your property? Cypress Hills Landscaping Inc. will provide a free estimate upon request. This estimate is based on an hourly rate.

For the spring, summer and fall seasons we offer a verity of different services which include the following:

  • Garden design - planting of flowers, trees & shrubs
  • Aerating

Snow Services:

Cypress Hills Landscaping & Snow Removal Inc. Provides snow service for commercial properties. This is a 24 hr 7 days a week service. This service includes snow removal and salt applications for the parking lot and side walk areas. It is understood that a reasonable amount of time must exist between a snow fall accumulation of 2 inches and the time that snow plowing operations are completed is 6-10 hours are considered to be normal. Any clean ups or unfinished work will be automatically be done on the night following or as requested by the customer.

Daytime plowing is generally not done due to parked cars and traffic congestion. This ruling may change pending heavy accumulations of snow and /or customer request.

Creative Landscape Services:

Cypress Hills Landscaping Inc. construction crew works on creative types of projects year round. These projects include interlock, stonework, waterfalls,retaining walls & planting design.

Keywords: Gardens