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By: Cybernetix Web  09-12-2011


Slimnaturally manufactures slimming and skin care products. It wants to tap the Internet market. Before coming out in a big way, Cybernetix advised them to test the waters by building a simple informative test web site detailing the company's products.

Cybernetix created online surveys targeted at consumers and makers of similar products. The data gathered from these surveys enabled Cybernetix and Silmnaturally to gauge consumer response as well as to identify potential partners for strategic alliances. This analysis has resulted in the decision to create a B2B portal for the beauty and health care industry. As a part of next phase, development of this portal is underway.

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Cybernetix Web Solutions - Services

Cybernetix Web Solutions can host your site or recommend an Internet services provider that is most convenient. Cybernetix Web Solutions will market your site so that it can be found easily and receive maximum exposure. Content should be the driving force behind the site and graphics should be used to enhance the message.


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We will assist you in determining the best direction for your online venture.


2Netforce - Dot Com Venture

2Netfoce's aim was to enter in the market in the shortest possible time to gain first-mover advantage in the Singapore market. Cybernetix was involved right from the conceptualization of the company. was born during the internet boom period.


Rikvin - Market Expansion

One of its main services is the incorporation of new companies in Singapore and maintains its accounts. It wanted to tap a new source of business, foreign investors looking to form a base in Singapore. Rikvin Consultancy is a firm of company secretaries.


DVCS - Online Product Promotion - dvcs

Since the site was targetted at students, Cybernetix included an innovative feature that allowed viewers to see an online demo of the product as well as participate in online educational quizzes. The site details each DVCS product and provides a price list at a glance which is a useful feature for a price-conscious Indian market.


Big Red CC - Customer Management

It had become necessary to answer their customers' queries and allow them to book Big Red's services with minimum intervention by Big Red staff. The site has been received very well by its targeted audience and has boosted productivity through improved communication. Since they have a large no. of clients, they were always swamped with enquiries and orders over the phone.