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By: Cyberartisans  09-12-2011
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Website Design and Maintenance

The web has finally become just one more tool for business communications. Designing websites that really work, however, is not something you should assign to anyone in the company who has extra time. Among the hazards are:

Aesthetic design – Principles that work on paper don't work on the web. Our artists know the difference.

Navigation – This is a new concept for people who write for paper publication. Sure, there are tables of contents, but hot links? Talk to us about this.

Writing – Writing for the web is a new experience for most writers. Extensive research has shown that people don't read a computer monitor the way they read print on paper. Their attention span is much shorter, and so we end up writing very differently. More use of bullets, many (intentional) violations of the rule against sentence fragments, etc. Fortunately, we've had years of experience writing for all sorts of media and adapting as we went along, so writing for the web was a small adjustment.

Maintenance – We can show you how you can do your own maintenance without risking messing up the programming code that makes everything work.

Corporate Communications

Your web site, brochures, business cards, stationery, press releases, invoices, proposals, and reports are all a representation of your company. If they are poorly written, that reflects badly on your company. Can you afford that?

We can make all your corporate communications effective and something to be proud of. It doesn't cost a lot, the turnaround time is fast, and the results make a difference.

Bad writing is a little like body odor – nobody will talk to you about it but they will notice it and talk to their friends. We once worked at a company where the in-joke throughout the company was that memos from the corporate offices were written in "near-English" – and 20 years later people still talk about them.


We have years of experience on the web, as well as in marketing, communications, and business. If we can help you with any of these, call us.

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Keywords: corporate communications, Writing

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