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By: Customline Business Printing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Compliance Labeling

Why compliance labeling?

So many industries require compliance labeling that it is almost becoming a given that your company will have to affix a certain type of label to your outbound shipments, regardless of the industry you do business in. High-profile compliance labeling exists in the automotive, retail, aerospace and defense industries. But even smaller and more obscure industries–the Embellished Activewear industry, for exampl–are introducing compliance labeling initiatives because of the cost savings that can be achieved through the channel. Compliance labeling requires impeccable print quality on every label and the reliability of a printer that won't suspend your operations. The consequences could not only result in huge fines levied against your company, but also eliminate your status as a supplier to an important wholesaler or retail partner.

Many industries and large organizations are now requiring all boxes shipped have standards compliant barcode labels. This not only speeds up the process of receiving boxes into a facility, but also allows items to be found at a much faster rate because label information always has the same format and location.
Complying with mandated label standards is easy when you have the right hardware and software. Customline has all of the tools, along with the knowledge and expertise, to establish label compliance within your organization.

The Automotive Action Group (AIAG) promotes using standardized product labels for all products shipped from tiered suppliers to automaker factories.
The Computing Technologies Industry Association (CompTIA) includes retailers, distributors, and manufacturers such as MicroAge Inc., Ingram Micro Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., and Seiko EPSON Corp.
The Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) members produce various electronics parts.  Member companies include AT&T, Texas Instruments Inc., IBM Corp., Phillips Semiconducts, and Motorola Inc.
MIL-STD-129P is the new standard for the Military Shipping Label Requirements. Enacted on December 15, 2002, Revision P establishes significant new requirements for DoD contractors that ship packaged materials to the Government to provide both linear and two-dimensional (2-D) barcodes on Military Shipping Labels. Linear Code 3 of 9 or Code 39 barcodes will continue to be required on interior packages (unit and intermediate packages) for the National Stock Number (NSN) and, when applicable, the serial number; and on shipping containers for the NSN, Contractor and Government Entity (CAGE) Code, contract number and, when applicable, the serial number.

The Telecommunications Industry (TCIF) and Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) are composed of telecommunications-related companies and their suppliers.  These member companies include AT&T, the Regional Bell Operating Companies, MCI Communications Corp., Verizon Logistics Inc., Telcordia Technologies Inc., and 3M Telecom.

UL-recognized and CSA-approved labels.  A specific label and ribbon combination will meet UL969 compliance standards on specific surfaces and under specific conditions.  A manufacturer can then use these labels to display safety-related information on products that have the same surface and are exposed to the same conditions.

VICS, the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards Association, has worked to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire supply chain since 1986. VICS pioneered the implementation of a cross-industry standard, Quick Response (QR) that simplified the flow of product and information in the retail industry for retailers and suppliers alike.

Keywords: Compliance Labeling

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