By: Curran Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Consulting, Project Management, business consulting services

Business Consulting Services based in Sidney, Canada. Offering International Consulting Services, Project Management, Business Plans, Tactical, Operational, & Integrated Plans. Fran and Steve Shields.

Curran Consulting combines extensive business and project experience, practical useable tools and methods, innovative thinking and creative approaches.

Are you concerned about the answers to any of these questions?

  • 1) Are you confident your initiative/project is going to
    achieve the desired business outcome?
  • 2) How can you be assured your initiative/project is
    positioned for success?
  • 3) Are you getting the right information to let you know
    whether your initiative/project is staying on track for
  • 4) Are you confident the decision you are about to make
    is the correct one?
  • 5) Are you unsure which is the best option to resolve a
    problem or realize an opportunity?
  • 6) Are you confident that you can justify and demonstrate
    an appropriate level of due diligence in your decision?
  • 7) Do you need something done quickly and don't have
    the senior resources to do it now?
  • 8) Do you have someone who can write a document that
    has no vested interest in the outcome of that document?
  • 9) Do you have a sensitive situation needing external
    perspective/support to resolve?

Keywords: Business Consulting, business consulting services, Project Management