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By: Cuisine Culture  09-12-2011
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Based upon the menu, all produce will be prepared then refrigerated while meats and fish are prepped. Special cutting boards are part of the standard equipment that Cuisine Culture brings to each cooking session, which are kept clean and sterile to avoid cross-contamination of foods.

After all foods have been prepped, the menu will be prepared as planned. Then each meal is packed in a container and labeled with its contents and thawing and reheating instructions. An additional copy of the prepared menu with instructions and nutritional information is supplied as well. Meals are placed in the refrigerator or freezer as required. A menu to review for your next service, along with the invoice, will be left for approval.

Before we leave, your kitchen will be cleaned to the same state when we arrived, using disinfectants and other cleaners. Any refuse created during the cooking process will be removed from the home.

Cuisine Culture

ensures your home is locked and the key placed in a pre-determined location.

Keywords: Meals