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By: Ctsforex  09-12-2011
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Disappointed with big losses and small profits?

Most people who buy a car want to drive it first to see if it meets their expectations. So why do so many Forex traders buy trading software before they test drive it to see how well it works? So many of them have at least three unused trading systems sitting idle on their computer – time, money and opportunity wasted on something that didn't live up to expectations.

Diversity, Discipline and Direction

How do prudent investors work CTSForex into their Forex trading strategies? We recommend that no investor use just one trading strategy. That's why we offer five trading systems and recommend that investors use at least two. Still, some clients feel strongly about manually trading their accounts. Here we recommend that they consult CTSForex robots to instill discipline in their trading activities. Consult them for market direction and recommendations; learn from their risk/reward analyses and money management strategies. Their trading track records have consistently proven their value with our clients who choose to trade their accounts manually.

Time for a change

Our software has built a reputation in the Forex trading world by meeting investors' expectations of consistently producing above average returns – much better returns than their stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments. And, what we hear from people who have gone it alone with manual Forex trading software, we are a breath of fresh air for their stale portfolios. We don't charge our clients a software fee, send them a CD, and wish them good luck; we help them match their risk/reward and money management strategies with the appropriate trading systems, provide the appropriate automated trading robots, and offer support to assure their success. And, as our clients proudly report, their results average over 35% annual returns.

Try something new

We want to make your decision easy to give CTSForex a try. Right now, you're only three steps away from replacing stress with confidence and risky, unrealistic return expectations with good, solid profits. More money in your pocket for less investment out of pocket.

Before you spend your hard earned money on risky, do-it-yourself trading software, give our proven, professional automated Forex trading software a try – only $29.78 for three weeks of trading. What could be fairer than that? Once you see how these systems can help you increase your portfolio value, we think you will choose to make CTSForex software a key part of your ongoing Forex trading and wealth accumulation activities.

Here are your three steps to successful Forex trading:

Step 1: Determine the trading style and level of risk that are most comfortable to you and select a trading robot.

Haley: GBPUSD, max 6 open trades, max SL 120 pips, max TP 280 pips
Jasmine: EURUSD, max 6 open trades, max SL 100 pips, max TP 260 pips
Leah: EURUSD, max 7 open trades, max SL 100 pips, max TP 240 pips
Mellisa: USDCHF, max 10 open trades, max SL 120 pips, max TP 260 pips
Sienna: EURUSD, max 8 open trades, max SL 120 pips, max TP 280 pips

Step 2: Fund your trading account. Here we have a very special offer for our new clients. If you fund your account with any of these three investment firms specifying us "InniSoft Trading Education Services" as your trading broker/agent, we will offer 2 trading systems for the price of 1. This will save you $98 per month. Expand your trading options and lower your monthly costs.

* VarengoldBank

* MigBankfx

* Alpari UK

There is no software to download or install on your computer. Let our successful robot traders go to work for you. They apply discipline where guesswork and indecision were often the norm. Whether you use them to support your manual trading or to become your expert trader, you will soon see the benefits of having a CTSForex trading robot on your investment team.

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