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By: Ctrl Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Oilfield Services, Leak Detection, Pneumatic Systems

Because of the diversity in applications afforded by CTRL Ultrasound Technology and Programs, every industry can benefit.

CTRL Systems has helped organizations from the technician level to corporate level when implementing new technology in a systematic way for best results. You can use the UL101 and SoundCTRL as tools for quality control and predictive maintenance or let CTRL develop maintenance practices and procedures with the InCTRL System.


CTRL products have been integrated to the daily PM and energy savings practices of hundreds, if not, thousands of organizations. Many, like Tyco Electronics and Ford Motor, have even standardized the use of CTRL products. CTRL also develops standard practices for organizatins through .

Ford Motor Company - recommends CTRL UL101 & SoundCTRL for ultrasonic testing as defined in vehicle operations-structures standards

International Paper - CTRL worked together with I.P. to develop a predictive/preventive maintenance program as part of the Operations Excellence Progam

Schlumberger Oilfield Services - CTRL integrated ultrasound technology through a turnkey program

Tyco Electronics - CTRL products and programs are standardized in the Best Demonstrated Practices for Energy Savings

Airbus/Air France - The UL101 was qualified and approved for quality control for testing cabin pressure of multiple aircraft. It can also be used for testing oxygen lines and safety valves. A approved tool number was assigned and all of the service centers have been notified.

More - standard practices, approvals, etc. are endless as CTRL continues to work with multiple organizations in a systematic approach to technology integration.


Here are just a few examples of CTRL product integration.

Condition Based Monitoring - InCTRL incorporates various CTRL products such as SoundCTRL and the UL101 for evaluation of critical equipment.

Energy Savings - CTRL works with your organization to standardize practices that have an immediate impact to your energy savings initiatives.

Leak Detection - Compressed gas and vacuum systems, steam, HVAC, pneumatic systems and a multitude of other applications utilize the UL101 for leak detection. The unique features of the UL101 such as its sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and ease of use are unsurpassed by any other ultrasonic detector on the market today.

Electrical - The UL101 and PowerBeam are combined for accurate and safe testing of high and low voltage electric lines, insulators, and panels.

Quality Control - CTRL products are used to minimize testing and maximize the quality of manufactured products such as automobiles, tractors, airplanes, steel drums and plastic totes, motors, heat exchangers, pumps, and much more.

Keywords: Condition Based Monitoring, Leak Detection, Oilfield Services, Pneumatic Systems,

Other products and services from Ctrl Systems


CTRL Systems - Commercial Solutions For Petrochemical

Several petrochemical companies utilize various ultrasound technologies such as the CTRL leak detection and condition based monitoring systems such as InCTRL to keep production running smoothly. Condition Based Monitoring helps replacing traditional methods with effective ultrasound technology & verification of complimentary technologies.


CTRL Systems - Commercial Solutions For Paper & Pulp

CTRL Systems has worked with various organizations in the paper and pulp industry at all levels to implement ultrasound technology for condition based monitoring and energy savings. Integration of new technologies and systems into the existing practices is critical to experience the benefits provided by CTRL products and programs. Steam Trap Assessment for indication & location of malfunctioning traps.


CTRL Systems - Commercial Solutions For Oil & Gas

Implementation of the technology provides new possibilities for early, quick, and inexpensive testing methods that indicate potentially dangerous defects at initial stages of their occurence and development. Electrical Arcing Detection in tubing malfunctions & breakages in electrical contacts & insulation accompanied by arcing, sparking, partial discharge, etc.


CTRL Systems - Commercial Solutions For Power Generation & Transmission

CTRL Systems is heavily involved with the implementation of ultrasound technology for leak detection and condition based monitoring in the power generation and transmission industry. Cooling Towers - Indicate and Locate Leaks with High Accuracy - Complement Helium Leak Detector and Other Existing Technologies. Turbines- Bearing Conditions (good, suspect, questionable, under/over lubricated) - Indication and Location of Hydrogen Leaks.


CTRL Systems - Commercial Solutions For Aviation

Lockheed Martin - Due to comprehensive testing and work with NASA and Lockheed Martin, Lockheed designated the Intrinsically Safe UL101 for quality control and aftercare for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The Boeing Space Program used the UL101 to test the main landing gear door in which the UL101 found 3 times as many leaks as the traditional methods.


CTRL Systems - Sound Solutions For Commercial Industries And Infrastructure

CTRL was founded to provide solutions to the challenges of maintenance and production including, training, increased production, higher quality products, and energy savings. Many industries indicate they will lose a high percentage of their maintenance and operations knowledge base to retirement and promotion in the next 5 to 10 years.


CTRL Systems - Commercial Solutions For Railroad

CTRL Systems has worked closely with railroad service organizations and operations to identify areas of applications of ultrasound technology that help keep the locomotive industry moving foward. Luxury Car Inspection - leak detection for pressure and vacuum systems including freon refrigeration. Burlington Northern Santa Fe - Service stations, luxury car inspections, fuel and water tanks.