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By: Crutchfield  09-12-2011
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Amanda Pollard


How does 3D TV work? Should I buy a 3D TV? What's the difference between active and passive 3D? What do I need to watch 3D TV? What can I watch in 3D? Do I need a special HDMI cable for 3D TV? ..

Julie Govan, Steve Kindig


Confused by HDTV specs and lingo? Get a grip on the key features to consider when choosing an HDTV, including screen size, TV type, resolution, and contrast ratio.

Loren Barstow


Blu-ray players offer the best high-def experience out there. But if you don't use the right connections, you won't get all the audio/video performance you paid for.

Video Guest


Shopping for a Blu-ray player? Find out about the latest features so you can find one that's right for you.

Steve Kindig


Learn about the different types of wall mounts out there, and find out what kind might be best for your installation.

Ralph Graves


Looking for the right cabinet or stand to house your HDTV, Blu-ray player, and other gear? Learn about the terms used to describe audio/video furniture, including key indicators of build-quality.

Amanda Pollard


In this article, you'll find tips and tricks to tackle common home A/V wire management problems.

Steve Kindig


HDMI can carry full 1080p video and high-resolution surround sound. It's also your only choice for 3D TV. Learn about other HDMI features, and get tips on choosing cables.

Kristen Schaub


In this article, we'll give you the information you need to choose the right type of audio or video connection, and tips on finding a good, high-quality cable.

Barry Montgomery


Want to enjoy better sound with your TV? Here are four ways to make it happen.

Video Guest


Get the scoop on choosing a sound bar for your TV. Sound bars are a great choice for small or difficult spaces, or if you don't want wires running around your room.

Steve Kindig


If you want a truly involving home theater experience, a projector might be the ticket. Find out what you need to know when choosing and setting up a projector.

Steve Kindig


Learn about common TV terms and technologies, including 3D TV; Internet-ready TVs; 120Hz and 240hz refresh rates; LED, LCD, and plasma TVs; and much more.

Amanda Pollard


Want to wall mount your plasma or LCD TV? Get the info you need for a safe and nice-looking installation.

Ralph Graves


Maybe you've got it all figured out, but how about your spouse, kids, or house guests? The answer is a "universal" remote control. But, you're probably wondering, what are my options, and which remote should I choose?

Amanda Pollard


Tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you control your system from other rooms.

Steve Kindig


What is an "LED TV"? What size screen do I need for home theater? What is the optimum viewing distance for different screen sizes? What about viewing height, does that matter? Plus more..

Steve Kindig


Over-the-air broadcasts provide some of the best-looking HDTV signals, and they're free. Take a look at what goes into choosing and installing a HDTV antenna.

Ralph Graves


Power line surges and lightning strikes can damage or destroy your precious audio/video gear. The question isn't whether or not to use power protection, but rather which type is best for you.

Amanda Pollard, Video Guest


Learn how the quality of the power in your home can affect the performance of your TV, DVR, and other audio/video gear. Watch cool hands-on demos to see what can happen when you don't have good power protection and conditioning at home.

Keywords: Hdtv

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