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By: Crutchfield  09-12-2011
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Your car can be a great place for music listening. Many commuters suffer for hours each day with inferior sound quality that they'd never tolerate from their systems at home. Others assemble sophisticated sound systems in their cars that don't reach their full potential because of some common mistakes. Here are some tips on how to improve sound quality in your vehicle, whether you're listening on a simple factory system or a multi-channel amplified setup.

Robert Ferency-Viars


A car stereo is the centerpiece of any car audio system. This introduction highlights the stereo's functions and makes it easier to shop for a new one.

Zak Billmeier


DVD receivers are great for playing movies, but they offer much more than that for your car stereo setup. Large touchscreens, loads of built-in features, and easy viewability are just some of the advantages to building your stereo around one of these receivers.

Matt Freeman


From sleek, retractable in-dash televisions to high-performance monitors, from in-dash DVD players to easy-add-on portable systems, it's obvious that mobile video is here to stay.

Zak Billmeier


The radio you have determines which satellite radio plan you can get. Find out what's available for your particular radio, plus check out a channel guide.

Zak Billmeier


An overview of satellite radio.

Ken Nail


If you want your music to be loud, amplifiers are definitely part of the picture. But an amp can do much more than just get other people's attention.

Zak Billmeier, Ken Nail


One of the first steps in choosing an amplifier for your car audio system is to decide how you intend to use the amplifier, and thus how many channels it should have. This short video gives you a quick overview to help answer that question.

Ken Nail


If you want your music to sound great, you can't ignore car speakers. Dollar for dollar, new speakers are one of the best ways to improve your car's sound.

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A brief video covering the basics of installing car speakers.

Ken Nail


The first step to choosing a subwoofer actually begins with the enclosure and how you want the sub to perform. In this video we'll tell you about the different types of subwoofer enclosures available, and find out which one best fits your vehicle and your needs.

Ken Nail


Subwoofers are speakers dedicated solely to reproducing low frequencies. No matter what kind of music you like, or at what volume you listen to it at, they can be a crucial part of your overall listening experience.

Buck Pomerantz


With the wide variety of subwoofers available, it's easy to get confused about the best way to wire up your system. These wiring diagrams will help you find the configuration that'll get the most out of your subs and your amplifier.

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The type of bass you get from your component subwoofer doesn't depend on the woofer alone. You'll need a strong, tightly constructed enclosure for optimum subwoofer performance.

Matt Freeman


In just a few short years, iPod control has become a prominent feature of car stereos. Car A/V companies have acted just as quickly to develop stereos that let you take advantage of the iPhone's fantastic app capabilities while you're driving. In this article, we're going to take a quick look at four different types of app interactivity.

Zak Billmeier


This short video describes your options for playing an iPod through your car's sound system.

Robert Ferency-Viars


Maybe you want both cassette and CD in your car. Perhaps you'd like to enjoy CDs while keeping the factory radio in your leased vehicle. Try a changer for the convenience of having multiple discs at the ready.

Steve Kindig


Our new in-house Labs will help us dig even deeper into the equipment we sell. From acoustically optimized listening rooms to advanced test benches, we'll bring you meaningful measurements along with real-world impressions from our savvy experts.

Matt Freeman


A quick guide to what to look for when shopping for an in-dash navigation system.

Zak Billmeier


The Pioneer AppRadio is the first in-dash receiver designed specifically to run iPhone apps. You'll get touchscreen control over many iPhone apps on AppRadio's big screen, from Internet radio to navigation and streaming video. It's a car stereo that'll grow with you.

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