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By: Crown Education  09-12-2011
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Airport Pickup Service

Pickup from Airport

Welcome to Canada. Toronto Student Services offer you the most convenient Airport Pickup Service to its students in Toronto.

Being unable to find the airport transfer taxi or using public airport transportation with luggage can be a hassle after a long distance flight specifically at the first time.

Upon your request our firm will greet you at the airport and will take you to your destination. In addition, a city orientation, an outlet converter and an international calling card will be provided during your transport.

Students can make choices from the following services;

Reqular Service: pickup with a sedan

Silver Service: pickup with BMW X5

Gold Service: pickup with a limousine

Health Services

Our firm would like to offer services to its students in every important field and as understandable, health is one of them. However, Canadian Government requires a Health Insurance for every student for the period of their visit in Canada. In addition to a Health Insurance, our service will lead you to Turkish doctors or in case it is necessary, one of our consultants will accompany you to the hospital. Please keep in mind that medical science uses a different language. Therefore, the consultant is going to be with you to help to give the right explanation of your illness to the doctors.

Please contact us about questions of general health, health insurance, hospital insurance or any other related topics.

Legal Services

Our firm offers assistance with several legal services such as Visa, Consulate, Immigration, Translation or any other legal situations.

How to Renew Visa

Upon to your request, our firm can help you to prepare required government documents to extend your Study Permit or VISA. To be able to stay in Canada, students have to apply for Stud Permit and the date of the permit must not be expired. On the other hand, Study Permit which is not a VISA, does not allow you to re-enter to Canada once you leave. If students want to leave the country and come back, they have to have a VISA which is not expired.

Please contact us for any further details.


According to Canadian Education system, many university and college registration offices accept documents from selected translators. Considering the situation, our firm translates your diploma, transcripts and other important official documents to English. Depending on our translator’s engagement, translated documents will be delivered in 24 hours.

The fees are as below and please contact us for any further details. Diploma : $200 Transcript : $200 Document : $80 per page Immigration

Our firm considers about its students’ future and provides immigration services as well. On behalf of you, our lawyers will follow the process for you to stay in Canada and to be a Canadian citizen. They will apply immigration for you and deal with your case. Please contact us for any further details.

Military and Consulate

Toronto Student Services would like to make Consulate and Military documentation processes easier for you with our professional team. Our firm helps you on several topics such as extending Passport date or renewing Passport, proxy, translating Driving Licence and validation. Opening a student file and helping for the documentation work for postponement of Military term are also included in Toronto Student Services.

Please contact us for any further details.

Tour Services

Toronto City Tour

Enjoy the sights that Toronto has to offer. From Chinatown to the Toronto Harbour, you will get to see it all. All the major landmarks and all the important regions will be shown to you, and any questions will be answered our personal guides will show you the city inside and out. You will have the opportunity to see historical places, entertainment and shopping centres. Please contact us for any further details.

Niagara Falls

Get a private car ride to one of the wanders of this world, Niagara Falls. Upon your request, the tours can be taken by vehicles such as limousine, BMW X5 or Mercedes. Enjoy this once in a life experience to its fullest. Please contact us for any further details.

French Canada

Take a private tour of French Canada, covering Thousand Islands, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. The tour lasts three nights and four days, giving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself. Please contact us for any further details.

North America

Enjoy a six nights and seven day private tour of North America. The tour covers major cities such as Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Atlantic City, Boston, New Jersey, New York, and Niagara Falls. Please contact us for any further details.

Accomodation Service

Toronto Student Services offer different types of accommodation options to its students such as homestay, residence, condominium and renting a room. Details are explained below under the subtitles. For any further details, please contact us.


Your homestay provides you with a firsthand experience of Canadian home life. It is the best place to practice your English. You will probably find some cultural differences between your way of living and the Canadian way. The main goal is to be open-minded about these differences. Both hosts and students can learn a lot from each other's culture.

Student Residence

Students of all cultures and ethnicities come together in the student residences. Become a part of a large community that will teach you independence, social skills, and help you find a lot of friends in a short time.


Live a private life in a five star conditions. Enjoy wonderful facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, exercise rooms, libraries, home theatre rooms, as many more. With around the clock security, and helpful management, you can feel safe at home.


Rent a room in a house or apartment, and learn to live and socialize in a communal environment. This is a good way save money, but at the same time have someone to communicate with, and learn from

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Keywords: Legal Services, translation

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