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On August 30th, our next Performance Nutrition Challenge will begin. Our last PNC was extremely successful – those who stuck with for the entire 8 weeks saw significant performance and body composition changes. With 20+ participants last time, we’re hoping to get even more RVA trainees involved, and see even more progress.
Simply put, [..]

Jeff, Brian, and myself went up to Maryland today, where Jeff competed in his first weightlifting competition.  After months of hard training, Jeff successfully completed 5 of 6 attempts, hitting a PR clean and jerk of 300#!

I’m hesitant to call this an article – it’s more like a collection of thoughts that, while not presenting any particularly new information, will hopefully get you thinking, just a little.
Training is inherently a mental, as well as a physical process. We know and accept this easily. We see people get [..]

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I’m fast forwarding to Sunday because we spectated and relaxed on Saturday. I’ll go so far as to say there were some Pay-Lee-Noooooo meals between Friday and Saturday with some meals being better than others. Mark was kind enough to grill some food for [..]

Nikki was one of the winners of our recent Performance Nutrition Challenge. I hope you all can learn from her experiences!
First, I think it should be known that I had no intentions of participating in the Nutrition Challenge, and that I was talked into it by my other half (John G). I can [..]

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Regionals Day 1 continued…
15 Minutes to reach a heavy single in the Snatch
5 minutes to complete as many head to ground handstand push-ups as possible
Score is the sum of max weight lifted by each athlete plus total repetitions of handstand push-ups.
Ahhhhhh… the only reason that Brian was even invited to compete; [..]

This started off as a simple recap, but it turned into a novella and I’m sorry for that. I tried to write about all the details of our experience at Regionals without leaving anything out. Read it if you’d like, or leave it behind.
The Central East Regionals…
Jacob “Coach” Rowell
Jake drove us [..]

CrossFit defines fitness in 10 ways, most of which you should be familiar with. How many of them do you know offhand? List as many of them as you can in your head or on a piece of paper (I’m listing them in the next sentence, so don’t cheat and read ahead). [..]

To start off, the VA/DC/MD sectionals was a great experience, both for myself and the four guys from CrossFit RVA who competed. The event was much larger than I anticipated, with a total of 250+ people competing. The event was well-run; scores were updated quickly on the games site, heats started when they [..]

This article is a small glimpse down the road of Crossfit for our athletes. Although everyone comes at Crossfit from a different place, there are themes that seem to hold true. Hopefully some of you can avoid some common pitfalls by knowing some of the trends we see. The general cycle that occurs in the [..]

We work our bodies hard. We lift heavy, run fast, and do a little bit of everything in between – some of us 5-6 days a week. Progress is being made, times are dropping, weights are going up. So what’s the issue? The issues is that if you’ve been training with [..]

As a sport, CrossFit requires very little in the way of equipment. Most everyone owns workout clothes and shoes that can be used at the gym. We don’t really care what kind of clothes you wear, but we do think that your shoes can affect your ability to work out effectively. Start [..]

What are your trainers looking for when you are blazing through a workout? Firstly, we are making sure that you are moving safely, that’s priority number one. Secondly, we are looking for full range of motion in all of your movements. Too often, we are consumed with the clock and how to [..]

What do I eat?
Directly from, “base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.” What CrossFit HQ says, and what we agree with, is eat things that are natural. No processed goods, canned foods, chips, oreos, etc. We know that eating healthy [..]

You’re going to find that some of our food recommendations eliminate the “grain” food group. This includes cereal, bread, crackers, rice, and pasta. Why, you ask? When eaten, the foods from the grain group break down into simple sugars almost immediately after ingestion and the sugar floods your blood. The rapid [..]

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James pointed out that he has seen a significant up-tick in his performance since his change in diet, and he was wondering what his next step should be to continue his improvement.Now, I’ve all ready told James that he’s my pick for the PNC II.


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Dumbbell Hang Power CleanDumbbell Front SquatDumbbell Push PressDumbbell Lunge RightDumbbell Lunge Left. Go up in weight each round to perform the heaviest round possible and rest as needed between rounds. Once you begin a round, do not set the weight down until all 6 cycles are complete. Rounds:400M Run30 Box Jumps 30 Wall Balls. Strategize and visualize those pull-ups. AMRAP 10:5 Ring Dips10 Squats10 Sit-Ups.


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