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By: Critter Get Ritter  09-12-2011
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Whistler, Squamish & Pemberton Based Pest Control Services

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Pest & Wildlife Control Services Include:

  • Residential: Pest control services including annual protection plans;
  • Commercial:  Pest control & value added services;
  • Industrial: Industrial pest control services;
  • Client Training; and More!

Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton Pest & Wildlife Include (contact or see blog for more information):

  • Rodents: Pack or Bushy Tailed Wood Rat, Roof Rat, Deer Mouse & House Mouse;
  • Ants: Carpenter, Pavement, Cornfield, Sugar, Wood & More;
  • Spider: House, Wolf & More;
  • Douglas Squirrel;
  • Raccoon;
  • Bed bug;
  • Saw bugs & Pill Bug;
  • Silverfish & Firebrat;
  • Flies: House, Phorid, Fruit & More;
  • Stored Product Pest: Indian Meal Moth;
  • Clothing Moths;
  • Beetles: Powderpost, more;
  • Wasp & Bee: Yellow jacket, Ground Wasp, Honey Bee & Bald Face Hornet; and,
  • More.

Carpenter Ants



Wild Life

Keywords: Carpenter Ants, Pest Control, Pest Control Services, Wildlife Control, Wildlife Control Services

Other products and services from Critter Get Ritter


Carpenter Ant Removal

Water leaks, significant condensation over a number of years, and wood that is has not been inspected or treated are the 3 most probable factors that you have carpenter ants nesting in your home or business. Carpenter ant’s have been in the area for thousands of years and help contribute to the break down of forests: dead trees, leaves, mulch and other pieces of decomposing organic mater found there.


Pemberton Pest Control

It is known for potato farming, beautiful lakes, trails, amazing scenic views of Majestic Mount Currie and so much more. Raccoon, rodent, squirrel, bed bug, and ant pest and wildlife control services are also common in the Pemberton area. Mostly farmland, the Pemberton area has a lot of mice, and fly pest control services. Pemberton is a small community 20 minutes drive north of Whistler, British Columbia.


Wildlife Removal

Our diverse knowledge combined with a beautiful animal and wildlife abundant ecosystem is a contributing factor to why Critter Get Ritter sparingly uses poison baits, rodenticides and chemicals and is a leader worldwide in the industry. Before any wildlife procedure, it should be ensured the critter is not pregnant, nursing, with young, or has any health issues; then looking at entry points, and possibly sealing of holes can be performed.


Whistler Pest Control

Other sorts of wildlife and pest control services we face in Whistler, from rodents, squirrels, raccoons, ants, flies and even bears can be a common sight. The town experiences a fair bit of animal activity, given that it is so far in the woods away from the cities of Vancouver and Seattle. Whistler is a beautiful ski resort community nestled in the Coast Mountain range of British Columbia. A bear roams through Whistler.


Squamish Pest Control

Famous for its bald eagles, rock climbing, kite surfing, kayaking, eco-tourism, and more recently mountain biking, Squamish is a small town that sits on along the Sea to Sky highway between Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia. Pest control services in Squamish include bed bugs, flies, ants, spiders, and rodents; while wildlife control services include bats, squirrels, and raccoons; and, there is an abundance of bears and larger critters.