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By: Crexcursions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Monitoring Systems

Our expertise is in the creation of venues that set high standards in “Green Business” operations and services.

We can use existing park areas and trails; create new ones or a combination of both to create a Recreational Eco-Park.

Our services include:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Project Coordination
  • Skills Training
  • Building of the Equipment
  • Implementation of Operations
  • Monitoring Systems

Assessment and Planning

The first step is to survey the existing park areas and trail systems to determine current and future usage. Next we determine how existing elements could be enhanced and what new features could be added. It is also important to note that during this process obstacles may be discovered and suitable solutions will be recommended.

A detailed report is prepared for review and action planning is initiated.

The planning process takes into account the needs of all stakeholders through discussions and public forums.

Once the planning process is completed an implementation strategy is created for final review and approval.

Project Coordination

The coordination of all the aspects of the project helps ensure efficient and complete implementation of the strategic development and management plan.

We work together with local government, organizations, businesses, and individuals to create a unique community based venture. From simple land use arrangements to establishing multi-party agreements that pertain to any aspect of the project, we are the liaison that focuses the efforts of all stakeholders.

Part of managing the project is to train/employ local people to build and service the operations.

Progress is monitored and reported at predefined intervals to ensure successful completion on schedule and within budget.

Skills Training

Training and certification is provided to individuals and/or teams that will perform specific tasks, such as; tram system operation, equipment verification and maintenance, and some specialized service tasks.

We also have the ability to teach basic building/construction skills to those employed to work on the project. In this way we help individuals attain skills that help make them employable even in other sectors.

Building of the Equipment

Most of the equipment used for trail and park transportation (e.g. electric-powered trams and excursion vehicles) is custom built. We propose to “set up shop” in the local community wherever possible. This utilizes and enhances the capability of local labour/business resources and helps to create prosperity in that community.

External sales could also be realized by businesses/suppliers that can provide ongoing production of equipment to locations where equipment purchase is preferred.

Implementation Process

We have equipment (electric-powered tram, excursion and service vehicles) that can be used during the implementation process. The equipment can be used for testing/route development, promotion and even some limited operations.

During the implementation process all aspects of the operations are addressed. Using our equipment we test the routes and tour features to ensure that the highest levels of service are achieved for the locale.

From our experience, the feedback from preliminary testing/operations is very valuable in helping to shape the initial service offering.

Monitoring Systems

On-going monitoring ensures that existing operations are consistently adhering to the established procedures.

We establish monitoring systems (schedules) for equipment and amenities maintenance and service specific to the operations and help ensure the compliance to the schedules.

The monitoring of the external forces (nature, social changes, technological advancements, etc.) is constantly taken into consideration and any necessary or beneficial adjustments are implemented.


In summary—we work together with you and your local community to install and operate this very unique venue—a “Recreational Eco-Park” that shows your commitment to facilitating a “Supreme Green” business venture.

Keywords: Monitoring Systems