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By: Creative Electron  09-12-2011

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Radiation Detectors CZT Packaging Sensor Technology Reworkable Packaging

Our novel technologies in design, fabrication and low-cost production of sensor products have emerged from our core know-how in high density electronics. As a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art flip-chip products, we have applied our years of experience to solving your sensor packaging challenges. Innovative CZT Packaging and Radiation Detection Development Fabrication of complex gamma sensors poses many challenges.


Conductive Adhesives, transient liquid phase sintering adhesives, Thermal Management

Our TLPS technology is ideally suited for device level thermal management of wide bandgap semiconductors, high brightness light emitting diodes, concentrator photovoltaics, hybrid electric vehicles, and RF power amplifiers. TLPS materials are also an alternative to conductive adhesives, with the added advantages of long-term contact stability and greatly enhanced thermal conductivity over a bondline, often by an order of magnitude or better.


Development Boards - Creative Electron

This stack can be composed of same type boards for performance improvement and resource sharing, or composed of multiple type boards. The STAR architecture combines scalability, flexibility, and performance in a compact 5x5in2 package. The STAR family of boards is the ideal Data Acquisition System for radiation detection applications. The shared communication bus enables the connection of multiple boards in a vertical stack.


TruView Automated X-Ray Inspection for QA, QC, Counterfeit Detection

The exclusive software package networks multiple TruViews together, giving you full control of these systems from anywhere in the world. For a limited time only we are including a FREE iPad2 with the purchase of any TruView system. TruView Mobility unleashes the full potential of your TruView x-ray inspection system. You have full access to the TruView system from your desktop, tablet, or smart phone.