CCI - Sprinter Vans

By: Creative Controls  09-12-2011

Why a Sprinter?

In keeping with CCI’s commitment to remain on the cutting edge of mobility technology, we are the nation’s center for outfitting the stylish Sprinter Van. The features of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van stand above the traditional full-size van.

CCI’s modifications transcend this ideal passenger van into the ideal mobility vehicle. From entering the vehicle to taking the wheel, CCI has developed a Sprinter-specific product line that will appeal to every driver.

Other products and services from Creative Controls


PedalMates (by CCI) - Adjustable Pedal Extensions

Brake, Clutch and Gas Pedal Extensions provide a safe, simple and inexpensive alternative for those who are short-stature, pregnant, or have hip or knee problems. While disconnect devices are available, they compromise personal safety and still leave the driver uncomfortably close to the steering wheel. Government experts recommend that a driver's face and chest be positioned at least 10-12" from the airbag.


EZ Stop (by CCI) - Driver Instructor Training Brake

Safety is paramount at CCI and for this reason CCI manufactures the EZStop Driver Instructor's Training Brake pedal with aircraft grade cable and fittings. Providing reliable, dependable braking and ease of operation by you, the instructor. Already used by many driving schools nationwide. WORKS IN ALMOST ALL VEHICLES.


Armstrong Lift (by CCI) - The Space-Saving Side-Mount Scooter Lift

Lifting Arm can be conveniently removed from one vehicle within seconds and reconnected in another. Powerful Actuation Motor has up to a 350 lb. lifting capacity and a lifting travel of 43 inches. Innovative side-mount design increases rear bumper clearance for loading and unloading. Device swivels on the steel ball for maneuverability while stowing. No obstruction of rear view when not in use. See the Armstrong in Action.


CCI Products - Innovative Mobility Equipment (including Hand Controls, Scooter Lifts, Tie-Downs and Secondary Controls

It is designed to get your mobility device into your SUV, minivan, truck, or cross-over vehicle - often without even losing 3rd row seating. Scooters and Power-chairs are rather cumbersome, and getting them into a vehicle can be tedious.. CCI can give you a hand..